Chase Gouin: Flatland Show at the bar

During this pandemic, it has definitely been a good time to watch older edits and get ideas/motivation for the riding sessions. Here is something a little different from flatland god, Chase Gouin performing a flatland show at Phog Lounge circa 2006/2007. Such a tight space, but with Chase’s tricktionary it’s not a problem.

8 thoughts on “Chase Gouin: Flatland Show at the bar

  1. This is so good! I miss the original sound (there is another video of this on youtube with original sound) because it is cool to see how the people react. Chase seems not really to be limited, this so impressive. The area is so small…

  2. Free booze on the house, haha!. I saw this year’s ago, & he’s talkin to the people. I also thought he could compete with the best, given the tiny space & HIS SKILL.

  3. What y’all might not know is that the Phog (formerly the Eclectic) was also the coolest alternative cafe in the city. They did a bunch of cool stuff there and all the artsy interesting folks all hung out there. The musician Steph Copeland who scored my part in Land Escape B was also a barista there which is where we met and I heard her music for the first time. They would have bands, poetry readings, you name it. Windsor is mostly a machine head city. There were very few bastions of passion and creativity. It’s also a stone’s throw away from our regular riding spot between the courthouses. If you are ever in Windsor, Ontario, I recommend checking them out!

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