Classic Mondays – Kevin Jones Dorkin’ 4 Part

Arguably one of the most important video parts of all time in my opinion, Kevin Jones and his Dorkin’ 4 part inspired so many of us and really pushed his amazing Dorkin’ 3 part up a notch and then some. In this Dorkin’ part, Kevin linked together multiple tricks he invented, dropped the time machine for the first time, and linked together the much copied hitchhiker, into a backpacker via another trick he invented, the John Donut. And the pin ball wizard soundtrack, absolute classic!

11 thoughts on “Classic Mondays – Kevin Jones Dorkin’ 4 Part

  1. Ah yes, clearly recall watching Kevin and how we were all, sort of mesmerized watching it to. This definitely left, I guess you could say ,an indelible mark on flat that spawned what was to come. Much respect to the K.

  2. Got to say, how I heard a rider once say, he’s sick of hearing about Kevin. Yes, it’s everyone’s opinion, but personally I thought it disrespectful to the greatest rider of all time.

  3. This is golden!!Tricks that everybody still copying…including me!!!Also keep notice that dudes nowadays are winning contests with these stuff Kevin is doing in Dorkin videos.So sureal….Respect Effraim for making my day!!

  4. Nothing but honor and total respect to THE creator of past , present and TODAYS bmx flatland ! Still remember being in 10th grade , after school my old riding crew met up , watched this epic , ground breaking part ……….we all immediately sessioned after watching Dorkin 4 completely motivated , but of course in disbelief , stunned by what we had just seen Kevin do , haha. A year later ……….we all got to see him ride in person while he was on tour with Wilkerson Airlines , Ron Wilkersons bike company / team . It was James Shepards birthday that day , he got to ride in their demo also !! Giannis is 100 percent spot on with his statement ..EVERYONE , myself we are ALL still borrowing , copying this man . He shaped , created , innovated bmx flatland -TIMES 7 . THE G.O.A.T. !!!

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