Classic Mondays: Mike S Props Groundwork Part

It’s been a few months since I posted a “Classic Monday’s”, and when I think back to 2000. Mike S was a rider of top of his game both in the contest scene and video parts. His Props Groundworks part really helped inspire a whole generation of brakeless flatland in Europe, I feel years on Michael was pretty underrated, despite his numerous medals at the X Games. This part is still awesome twenty years on!

10 thoughts on “Classic Mondays: Mike S Props Groundwork Part

  1. yes this is awesome, nice editing too!
    I guess you could make classic mondays with all the parts of that Groudworks video, easy plan! 😀 😀 😉 😉

    • Yes I did want to show the whole video, but couldn’t find it. Michael’s part for me especially in Europe. He was that rider that stood out, and did a whole bunch of stuff opposite and regular in contests during that time period. He placed well in contests overseas.

      I recall Rigby’s part was off the chart, with a great tune that really fit his riding style.

  2. Agreed E, about Mike. S and Dan Rigbys riding. I think personally Mike’s riding, as a brakeless rider, was 1 of the best, and he didn’t forget about scuffing, which was perfect..And E, the other underrated rider, possibly outside of the U.S., it seems, was Aaron Benke, in this vid.l thought Aaron’s Rid ing also was quite original. Think about same thing daily, he stands out. Mike’s riding is still awesome though. Dan seemed to be the Usa’s other Mat Wilhelm maybe.

  3. Oh yes l recall Mike standing in front of the mirror. He seems to have a good personality, which l haven’t much of in our community. Should be more.

    • I recall that too, and he said something like “Some people say I’m the nicest guy they ever met, but they don’t know the whole story” ! Watched this video hundreds of times a memorable one for sure !

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