Dan Hennig – First Crossfoot 360 Bunny Hop in Flatland

The title is a bold statement. Is this the first xft 360 bunnyhop in flatland? I’m thinking maybe Pedro Melo has this, whatever the case Dan drops a super nice edit right here, check it out!

15 thoughts on “Dan Hennig – First Crossfoot 360 Bunny Hop in Flatland

  1. Pedro Mello was doing X-foot 360 bunnyhops years ago and I saw them in person when I lived in Portugal in 2006. Now I think about it, I’ve seen him do them X-footed and X-handed (in the same trick) as well.

    Colin Smith did an edit from from a jam back then, Winter Jam in Faro I think it’s called. It’s on his Vimeo page.

    Dope edit/style from Dan as always though!

  2. 1st, I like that Chris comes in with a positive vibe! Nice 🙂
    2nd, I like Dan’s enthusiasm about trying/doing new tricks. Dan, you should keep at it, although broadcasting you did the “1st” could come off as arrogant, and as noted could be wrong too. In the future, do not worry about posting a world’s 1st—if it is truely a 1st you will get noticed and recognition.
    On a last note, a rider from CHENgA (Bob Meade) did x-footed hop whip and x-footed 360 several years ago….I know for sure the x-ft whopper is in one of his edits. I am not sure if he filmed the 360….but I think he did.

  3. Amazing edit. Bangers throughout.

    I’ve done both xfooted 360’s and xfooted fakie 540’s (clean, no tap). So while its definitely not the first (Pedro Mello years and years ago), it is still a very notable achievement that deserves MUCH respect. And you got it from me. Insane riding.

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