Dustyn Alt & Kevin Nikulski – Double Trouble

Dustyn Alt & Kevin Nikulski are two of the raddest riders to hang out with in the game, stoked to wake up to this “Double Trouble” edit today. Both Dustyn and Kevin throw down with good vibes between the two throughout. Dustyn’s signature backwards time machine line is the highlight for me at the 1:29 mark and it’s looking dialled for the 2018 contest season, go watch this one now!

2 thoughts on “Dustyn Alt & Kevin Nikulski – Double Trouble

  1. THIS ruled , if you follow O.S.S. videos from the come up bmx , this edit has THAT kind of FEEL / VIBE to it , and that’s a RAD thing !! Such a STEALTH / FURIOUS line / move by Dustyn , just as BIG E stated , just killer !! Kevins combos were PROPER / FIERCE as well , really enjoyed their riding , the WHOLE edit !! CONGRATS to Kevin being on Nate Richters videos , a rider reppin Stranger bmx !! MORE of THIS from THESE two , please !

  2. Yeah boiiiiz!!! Dustin, spinning pedal time machine was on point!!! Kevin, you got the power 🙂
    great edit, and as rodney said, very much like “thecomeup”stylez

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