Episode 10: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Dan Hennig

Whoa, we made it! Ten episodes in such a short space of time. Dan Hennig has been on a mission over the winter to get ready for the contest season, and of course we are all on lockdown after the COVID-19 pandemic shut us all down pretty much. Dan went out and dropped one of the best Flatmattersonline exclusives so far, at an awesome looking spot somewhere in Zurich, Switzerland, before he himself was on lockdown. Thanks a lot Dan for stepping up for the tenth episode, who’s got the next clip?

* In related news, who thinks I should do a 1-10 video recap of the clips so far? Let me know in the comments section. Thinking of various ideas, as we all face being on lockdown for three months….

18 thoughts on “Episode 10: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Dan Hennig

  1. So good! Amazing how Dans taken his front wheel skillz too back wheel. Love listening to those tires.

    Great idea the 10 clips in one vid.

    Stay safe Effraim. We cant make it through this without Flatmatters!

  2. RE -UP on the first ten would friggin RULE HARD , E !! These exclusives just get MORE mental each week , talk about some mind melting stuff ! Hell bruv …….FIRST the bike flip to START his rope spin ……..THEN those damn cross pedal turbines , just CARVING , drops back down to the double foot ice cream turbines , x-upping a lil bit for style points….THEN……I swear , DIDNT see that bike flip coming AT ALL ! Adding the proper hop 3 was the extra icing on such a SWEEEEEEEEET combo cake , haha . Hennig just BAKED some minds watching this line AND the pavement with THIS gem of a link , watched it like 5 times already ! Oh yeah ………B.Z. , finally got that crack packer line pulled , had to RE – plan / film it again , the first one I actually had it already filmed , and it was just lying dormant , haha…….THEN ….AFTER those last 3 exclusives ……I just HAD to step up the level of the line , haha. My exclusive is NOT on these cats level of riding , haha …BUT for me it WAS a really hard line to put together on the fly , plan , and finally film . Almost hit my mamas garage wall on the ride out of the combo , hahaha. Sorry it took me this long , B.Z. , at least ummmmmm……better late than never ??!! Haha , cant wait to see your Flatmattersonline exclusive video clip , B.Z. ! You , like Dan here , yall got that TURBINE style to yalls riding , so I know its gonna be a SLLLLLAAAAAMMMMMED combo , bruva !!

    • Thanks Brandon! Couple of people have suggested it, thought I would throw it out to the community. Not much feedback, but perhaps worth it!

  3. Hahaha , how do I transfer my video clip to ya , E ?! Im old school ……thought you would just take it straight from my YouTube channel , like its 2015, 2017 all over again , hahahaha ! Man , Im SO outta the loop, technology wise , for real , haha………Im the kind of bmxer that would STILL say….. Potts Mod ! Haha , as in the Steve Potts hollow bolt that’s in a bmx stem , for the front brake cable to go down ,haha or ….. the GOOSE NECK , remember a bmx STEM being called that name , E ??!! Hahaha…….Hennig REALLY got down for this link , like M.O.C. style !!

    • Do you have any friends in your area that can help. Although now is a bad time with social distancing and all, Bobby burge can he help?

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