Episode 9: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Matthias Dandois

Breaking the weekly upload FM exclusive cycle, in order to keep you entertained during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are already facing total lockdown, and if not, you are about to….
Matthais Dandois got in contact with a fresh new clip, switching back and forth, front to back wheel like a mad man for episode 9 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives after being in quarantine himself for a few days.
I’m still taking in Kio Hayakawa’s amazing line on the last episode, and Matthias throws down this belter for us all. Thanks Matthias, stay safe out there everyone. And let’s use flatland to help us through this difficult time, these clips are going off!!

6 thoughts on “Episode 9: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Matthias Dandois

  1. Where do I start ?!!! First of all his NO handed spinning half packer , that hes been doing bar SMALL lately ! Props on that , as well as having it dialed , bars BIG , too …….to me THIS variation is one of the most DREAM LEVEL tricks to have been pulled / dialed in bmx flatlands history !! Hell bruv , this friggin move is rad enough to be done on its own . I don’t think he really got the recognition he earned / deserved for this move , haha…..Big -E gave him his propers though , times 7. Effraim DONT miss nothing , haha ! Now……..THIS COMBO !! Im beyond thrilled with the direction Matthias has been taking with his riding these last 6 months . So MUCH style , flow and POWER in his lines ! The wild thing is……the guy can do / it ALL in his tricktionary…….I.E. , hitchhiker KICK-FLIPS , just about EVERY bar flip variation , technical transitions , pivotry GALORE , ALL of it DIALED on BOTH wheels . THIS front to back to front link is SLLLLAAAAAAAMMMED DOWN to the friggin pavement ! I was STOKED throughout the entire line……..THEN he nails the NO handed spinning half packer …….talk about taking an already sweet combo , and making it even sweeter ! Damn , all these F.M. exclusives are FULL ON riffed out , Im loving every single one ……..THIS one , in my opinion ……a contender for the LINE OF THE YEAR for 2020 , yup I said it ! Hahaha……to think with all he has going on modeling , contests , demos , DAILY Instagram clips , monthly edits……..and to STILL shred , come through with THIS line for Flatmatters…….TOP rider , TIMES 7 ……..salud , Matthias !

  2. Great comment Rodney! Worth highlighting here that Matthias has been down with the FM exclusives since day 1, and filmed one way back when the site was really small. Cant thank him enough for contributing, and it’s also great for us to see what he is up to. He mentioned that he was struggling with the last back to front switch, although it doesn’t look like it. And when I was watch his riding I always think of so many tricks to be done, love it!
    You are right about the no handed spinning halfpacker, we take it for granted to as we see him so often. Maybe this self isolation that is happening no will make us appreciate not only Matthias’ riding, but everyones… Food for thought, as I am sure the videos will slow down from now…

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