Exclusive: New James White edit

Amazing new edit from Mr white, he kindly just sent in for a exclusive, much appreciated!!! Triple death truck walkaround, whiplashes in circles for days, and even a turbine hitch in there!! James doesnt stop progressing, awesome!!!!”and it dont stop and it wont stop!”…

How to: Mow the lawn by James White from James White on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Exclusive: New James White edit

  1. Loving this edit, still progressing at 39?, whiplashes for days, triple death truck walkarounds, brakeless undertaker back wheel combos, whiplashes around bars to halfpacker, there's lot of really good stuffing this edit!! All that and he looks like he's having fun, one of best adverts for flatland I've seen.

  2. Effortless riding here makes it look so simple yet watching him ride in person he is very consistent and pulls stuff out of the bag first try and this progression at 38 i believe is incredible all those combo's ruled also loved the dancing ha ha ,i was wondering what are the benefits of riding a light frame ? as this looks so damm cool great to see, top man.

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