Finding Grasso – Part 4

I have been meaning to post these “Finding Grasso” videos by Brian Tunney for a minute, these videos somehow got lost in the FM matrix. If you grew up reading Freestylin’ magazine you will relate a ton to these. Hit up Tunney’s YT channel and check the previous three episodes.

6 thoughts on “Finding Grasso – Part 4

  1. Is this the same Craig Grasso who famously shed his clothes,& rode naked at Ron Wilkerson’s Two Hip, King Of Vert contest, on his Enchanted Ramp, in the ’80s?. If so, he’s another rider I haven’t heard anything if anything, since those days?.

  2. Wow. So much in this. Saw J Byers, Perry M and Mark Kr. on a bully tour years ago. Shitty parking lot, small ramp but so so good.

    The first time I went to landsdowne skatepark (93 ish) I remember vividly being shown a random drawing the was supposedly from Grasso. A few yrs ago the city (Baltimore) decided to clean up the place – and with it Grasso’s drawing.

    The same dude that showed me the Grasso’s pieve had a random photo of Pete Augustine smoking a bowl in the deep end.

    Anyway, Tunney’s a badass. Love these vids

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