2 thoughts on “Flatland at Swamp Fest

  1. I was really hoping that someone would get video of this and Brant Moore ( RIPPING technical transition rider. I.e. …..SARAN WRAP variations at will ,during every kind of lip trick ! ) came through / PULLED UP . J.F.B. got busy just freestyling , adjusting to the surface , STILL busting out and Teak , Chad , and I think Gary Lee Clark and every rider in the circle contributed their own flavor of rad tricks , lines . This rules , and I’m stoked there such a good quality edit of what went down @ the first Swamp Fest 2022 , Flatland Jam . Jean Francois Boulianne could pull links on ANY surface . I talked with him about this at that 2011 or 2012 Anarchy Flatland contest where they had to move the Pro finals into a wavy , very slippery , uneven lobby because of rain . He told me that there’s a certain meditation , contest attack zone that he can get his mind into when needed . He got into that exact mind set @ Bobby Burge’s BMX Haven Jam the 24 of March when we all had a session , party for him………

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