6 thoughts on “Flatland BMX Ultimate Guide

  1. Don’t recall the Terra Doom Joe. Is it similar to a Perry Doom? You know, tricks are called various names over time,& in different countries. Can you kindly please explain it, thanks? I reflect sometimes on the era when tricks almost had to have a name. We could’ve had a rap tune. It could include a Dk Spin, because it was learnt outside a Dk Donut shop, & you rode a Dk bike, or a Cherry Picker because it was near where they sold cherries. Could go on, couldn’t we lol. It’s any wonder folk that have no knowledge, much less care about riding, can sometimes think flat’s weird, but I just laugh.

  2. Rl osborne , Fred blood , when they went over to general , I was riding hustlers from jump street , I mean out of now , Chrome hustler frames , Fred blood signature bike , rl Osborne bike , in every shade both bikes I didn’t ever low rate hustler , it just the trim only couldn’t take my brand of tricks , I’d see stress in the paint by the top frame connection to the stem right at that point , and if I couldn’t get a haro master , I maintain until I could , Stamford Ct , free style and bmx plus ,still the joint , wears Eddie foila , I saw Trevor Myer in brklyn at Mr cees bike shop ,my world

  3. I borrowed rad the movie a class mate will never give it back psyc , he forgot about I least I preserved how it was , all that time that era VHS days especially amateur we never thought when we would be in a age wear the real history wasn’t record , who had a came order and smart enough that for certain things we’d want to look back are type genius ,

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