Flatland Fugitives

Great to see this Flatland Fugitive video resurface again, the influential flatland crew from Los Angeles helped inspire everyone in the flatland community during the 90’s and their influence can still be felt today. If you haven’t seen this one, well worth a watch with great riding from the likes of Day Smith, Sean Peters, Nate Hanson, Edgar and Ivan Plascenia, Sean McKinney, Leo Dumlao, Andrew Arroyo, Jesse Puente, Richard Zabzdyr (R.I.P), and more…

4 thoughts on “Flatland Fugitives

  1. When the intro to these & other clips or vid’s is written up, the superlatives or words such’s as ‘ inspire ‘ are there so l’ve gotta think of different words E, haha. All said & done, w’out watching it all, I’m already motivated. There’s all this ‘nuance’ & ‘seminal’ positions that I’m getting ideas for, so thanks E. And if l make it to this w’ends jam, l may be even more motivated ridin with others.

  2. Jungle Boogie is goin on my MP3 player ASAP! Gonna go have a funky session soon! Really have no idea why it wasn’t on there in the first place. Lovin the mid-school riding and funk music at the moment.

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