FlatWebTV Episode 23 – Freegun, Texas Toast, Flatland Roundup, and the Lumberyard

FlatWebTV Episode 23: Freegun, Texas Toast, Flatland Roundup, and the Lumberyard from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

In this “mini” episode of FlatWebTV we do a very brief recap of the recap and give special shout outs to the year end AMFLT results. Anthony tries to flog some of the extra Texas FlatWebTV shirts. We preview our upcoming Winter Flatland Jam in Portland with a special interview with owner/builder of the Lumberyard, Joe Prisel. We announce a special giveaway with Freegun. Just comment on this video and you have a chance to win (best comment gets Freegun stuff!). Finally, we give a quick preview of the Fit For Freestyle series that will launch soon.

Texas Flatland Roundup Recap – vimeo.com/51818497#at=0

12 thoughts on “FlatWebTV Episode 23 – Freegun, Texas Toast, Flatland Roundup, and the Lumberyard

  1. I know this doesn´t sound like a compliment but it is. I like that they are getting shorter and conciser. Those long episodes were cool but a little hard for one sitting.

  2. Holy crap! Toledo Joe runs your park? Crazy, that dude used to live at the old Asbestos filled coat factory in Youngstown Ohio where I grew up and started riding flatland. I saw that dude take the most gnarly crash I’ve ever seen by any rider. He was learning back flips on the box jump, doubled up his hammer shin guards and hit his shin on the edge of the downside of the box when he was coming down from the flip. The pressure from the hit was so bad, his shin spit about 6 inches long down the front of his leg and the dude was separating his shin muscle and showing us his leg bone. Ask him if he remembers that? Freegun worthy?

  3. Joe is one burly guy. He would ride the OG Chenga every day throwing tricks here and there but for the most part just flow around just cruise. But when he had a trick in mind or a comp happened he could flip the switch and do some serious Shit! Best of luck to him on the new park!

  4. I already got a few pairs of the freegun undies (or as I like to call them, frundies or freegundies), and agree that they are very comfortable.

  5. I know freegun underwear are designed to look cool but what are the functional specs? Do they have dick holes that I will need to sew up? And how much swass absorption do they provide?

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