3 thoughts on “Geoff Martin: Dope Ammo 665 1/2

  1. So amazing rewatching and realizing his outside circle rider and doing snakespin with his scuffing foot. Truly an anomaly. All the KJ “disciples” I ever met were so dogmatic and Geoff follows no rules. So great.

  2. His cross rocket body varial to back yard ! Pedal freak squeak screamer/ turbine , and DAMN those snake spins and variations of them ! I was bugging when I first saw his section in this classic video . That random backwards switch elbow glide just freestyled in that link . ( he even g-stringed to get into it , CONTROL ! ) I’m not sure if he’s still rides …..but I really hope so . This cat RULED . I mean this was in early 1992 ……..1992 !!! Ellsworth Ells Bells Watson was seriously a video guru . I love and pretty much own everything he produced / released . ( on V.H.S. , haha. ) His vision / take on the raw , core and personal experience of riding Flatland BMX was seriously epic . The cat could also seriously RIP on his own bike , TIMES 7. ( I hope HIS section gets upload too ! ) Dope Ammo is in my top 5 favorite BMX video’s list of all time . Progressive riding , the soundtrack , the quirky vibes , and the overall feel of his BMX videos were second to none. Thank you , Effraim . You really read my mind with these 3 posts !

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