5 thoughts on “George Kikos: New Life in Deutschland

  1. Congrats on starting your new life in Germany , George ! Been studying your riding lately , and I have to say ……excellent REAR PEG nose manual , cliffhanger , PEDAL five combos , mixed with whiplashes ,also !! Your BOTTOM BRACKET stance ice cream lines are SLLAAAMMMMED ,as well . Damn , Greece has produced so many SUPERB riders with their own ORIGINAL riding styles …….Manos , Giannis , YOU and others have always kept the level HIGH in flatland ! Your grabbing the bar SWITCH , coming outta that cliffhanger , with the boomerang to turbine switch hand steam , the opposite whiplash to hang five , crossing / stepping over to PEDAL five …..in the combo @ the end of this edit , RULED as well !! One more thing , haha…….your turbine hang five , those are AGGRO as well ! Hang fives are a move that have haunted me since December 2000 ….theyre SO damn difficult to me , haha . Seeing you turbine them kickless , MID-LINE is such a RAD thing for me to watch ! Again…….dope riding , and I look forward to more edits in your NEW home session spot , campeon !

  2. Hey George, the long combo is so good! Props!
    I also live in Germany, but not so close (Frankfurt region). You are close to Bayreuth, correct? If you like beer I think it is very good there 😉

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