Gernot Ibounig 2020: From Vienna with Love

Gernot Ibounig 2020 – From Vienna with love …. from Christoph Diebold on Vimeo.

Some of you may remember Gernot Ibounig from the late 90’s, Gernot was at a lot of the bigger contests during that time period. The last two years in a row I have run into Gernot at the annual One Love Jam in Newport Beach, California.
He just dropped his annual edit, and it’s a great one. Multiple whiplashes on lock and that 90’s style added to brakeless style makes this one a fun watch. Thank you for the Flatmatters shoutout towards the end, wasn’t expecting that! If you are reading this Gernot, I hope we cross pathes again and get a session going in the near future…

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