Get well soon Joey Kyllo!

Today I wanted to send out a massive “Get well soon Joey Kyllo” from myself here at Flatmattersonline HQ, and I am sure I speak for the whole of the flatland community as well! Joey took an awkward fall whilst riding at his home riding spot in Vancouver, Canada. Drop a comment and let’s show Joey some Loe and much needed motivation during this difficult time. Here’s what Joey had to say:

“I broke my fibula and tibia in my leg. I wish I could say it was a crazy switch, but I was only doing a peg wheelie cross foot switch (inside to outside) when my leg caught on the seat and I fell backwards and my leg bent behind my back. I got a rod inserted in my leg yesterday and was discharged today (Tuesday 14th April). I should be back riding in about 4 months.”

11 thoughts on “Get well soon Joey Kyllo!

  1. Hey Joey, sorry to hear that! It is often the “simple” tricks that cause bad injuries, this happened to me as well. I really hope the pain becomes less and less and you will fully recover! Get well soon!

  2. Joey! Much love and well wishes from us on the island bro! We’ll be popping Bottles of champ in the club In no time!

  3. Prayers going up for ya , for a pronto recovery , Joey ! Ya NEED to be back on your bike A.S.A.P. , that’s for damn sure. Man………..recently found your old YouTube channel , and I have to say ……..I was FLOORED , bruv…….the stuff ya had DIALED , and could link was RAD , you had even been riding that long ! Hell ,I say it ……..I CANT DO any of your OLD stuff ,haha……half hikers , hitchhiker jugglers , double footed back yard roll SCUFFLESS pivot exits , PROPER NO handed gerators , etc ,etc ……Yup , got a swift REALITY kick up the arse watching your riding videos from as far back as 2012 ! Haha , NOW ……youre a NEW school BRAKELESS bmx flatland bad ass ! Again , prayers going up for ya , cause I gotta see your cross death truck BIKE FLIP to ice cream combos ..AGAIN ! Such a dope link……..I ll trade ya for some funky chickens , Cobain scuffs , and sketchy pinky rebates ?! Hahaha……..youre TOO skilled for the length of time you’ve been riding , Joey . When I saw ya ride @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam Pre-jam…….I was like……DAMN , Percys homie is GOOD , TIMES 7 on the front AND back wheel !

  4. I dont know you personally but good luck with your recovery! its always those small tricks that hurt the most.
    I messed up my hamstring with a peg wheely at Fight the Winter.

  5. Hi everyone, thank you so much for the kind words! I am focused on my recover and getting to ride again as soon as possible. I hope to see you out there soon!

    Rodney you are the best man! So stoked on your message. Hope to get to ride with you again soon!

  6. Oooof that’s unfortunate Joey.
    Get well soon. I took my kids to skatepark couple years ago and low and behold…absolutely snapped my tibia plateau!!! You’ll be good. It will will be a bit to recover but your skilled and in shape. You’ll be good. Positive vibes and prayers to you.

    • Wow crazy man, I can only assume this is the Trent Field from Calgary back in the day.

      Really good to hear from you man! I hope you are doing well and getting on the bike from time to time. Thanks for the well wishes and hope you are doing well!

  7. Yo Joey! Sending you good recovery vibes from Campbellton, N.B. I remember falling awkwardly from a Funky Chicken back in the day and injuring a wrist that resulted in missing the 2 months of summer like weather we have here. Sucks. Convalesce and mentally get ready to ride again.

  8. Shout outs from WPG! Brent here. Good to see you’re pushing it man! Sucks to see the leg. Don’t rush the recovery though. I remember chillin with you at a street justice and some berry jams like 10ish years ago and you’re a smart dude. Listen to your body and go at whatever pace works for the most solid heal possible. I know you’re in it for life, don’t want to see someone with the love you have for riding shorten your lifetime’s experience. Take care.

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