Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #108

It’s going to be a good day for edits, are you self isolating at home? As the Conora Virus pandemic affects all our lives across the globe. Giannis comes through with 8:56 of amazing riding, episode 108 features a whole lot of backwards backpacker variations with intricate little details to each one. If you have the time, sit down grab a cuppa and enjoy this one!

42 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #108

    • Adam my man!Thank you for your kindness and your commitment to flatland…hope you ride and progress my friend!Unfortunatly i cant ride due to some health issues i face…hope you are well Mr Doses!!

      • Get well soon. I hope I progress too..hahahahaha … My body has aged so much in the past couple of years, it’s not easy but I am still actively riding.. My best to you and your family in this troubling time.

        • Yeah me too Adam,30 years of riding flatland faced its damage to my body as well…i have a strange knee injury at the moment and i hope to get better soon…we stay home for now because of the covid-19.Best wishes back to you Adam and your family too…keep riding hermano!!

  1. Cheers Effraim,yeah Corona Virus sure has affected our lives and we have to be careful and patient…Its been 3 months now that i dont ride because i have some health issues and im pretty sad about that…Thanks for sharing Big E and being true to the cause…

  2. I agree Giannis, you’re 1 of the best riders l’ve seen. I love the hang 5 g/turn to b/wards b/packer & the steam flip, which is similar to Vikki Gomez’s 1, except he doesn’t hold his bars. You’ve gotten better with the xfooted links to. Still hard what you’re doing. Keep it up & thinking creatively.

    • Hey Tristan thank you mate for your support,you always watch carefully all the details of the freestyler edits and pushing me further with your way…yeah all these links were filmed the last couple of months of 2019 and i have to ride since Christmas Eve…The x foot steam pressure flip to halfpacker is exactly as Viki does it,i dont hold the bars either…a lot of work i have above me with this type of riding since i have a lot of ideas.Lately im into Justin Miller videos watching unstoppable his old edits.God i miss this guy a lot…if you read now Justin props to you man!Tristan i know you love that videos of Justin too huh??

  3. Hi Giannis, yeah Justin’s riding went up.another level, so if he never rides again, his riding lives on. I think his trademark’s the hitch flip.

    • Yup the hitch flip to backpacker is sooo cool…also the backpacker kickflip is nuts and the halfhiker jump without touching the bars to halfpacker is crazy as well.Damn i wanna bite those tricks so much and i dont care what anyone else thinks!!hahah!Watching in person Justins riding in Worlds is something i will never forget…

    • Haha Tristan i love it when you speak Greek!!Opah means get up and move your body to the groove!ha!Keep your mood up Tristan in those Corona days…you make me smile man thanks!!!

  4. Haha, that’s what other people have said, l keep their spirits high in this crisis, but am usually jocular anyway. With the risk of sounding insensitive, l say don’t drink Corona beer, you’ll get the virus.

    • Hah yeah i drink mostly beer but i keep away of the Corona beer that time of period!!Man i miss to ride flatland so much right now…3 months exactly today is a long time for a rider who used to ride 4 hours a day…

  5. Yes l understand Giannis. I’ve been trying to get used to a 17 something top tube haha! It’s the shortest frame l’ve ridden but it seems like it’ll fit.

    • I like shorter frames and minimal set up of the bike…tricks are easier such as deathtrucks and cliffhangers.My kgb is 18.6 and with the cuttered bars my bike is like a toy!

    • Thank you Scott for your care,means a lot.Around Christmas one day after session i touched my left knee while i was taking off my trousers and i realised that has gathered an amount of liquid in front of the knee,between skin and the bone.I dont feel any pain at all by the way.I went to a doctor for athelets and did an x-ray,the doctor said my knee inside is ok.He took off the liquid but after a week without riding my knee filled again with that liquid and last week was the third time that i went to the doctor for that reason…He told me this situation is happening to a person when he is kneeling with the same leg all the time.I remember that a couple of weeks before Christmas i did that kneeride hitchhiker you see in this edit here and i think thats the reason because i did it a lot of times to pull it…Is it possible Scott to happen after a kneeride trick??

      • Glad to offer some help if I can! I’m guessing it could be from the knee ride hiker. It seems odd that it wouldn’t have cleared up by now though. Are you able to move it freely, or have you lost some mobility in the knee?

        I developed knee trouble similar once from not padding my knee while doing a stretch where my knee was on the concrete. No swelling, but it bothered me for quite a while.

        • The doctor said that he had a patient with the same trouble with me that visited him 5 times to clear his knee and then he was ok…i am on 3rd visit at the moment and going for my 4th this week.Still working on a daily these 3 months and my movement is ok but the doctor told me back in December not to ride at all and dont push it a lot in stairs…maybe because while pedaling the leg does full movement and it swell more…i dont pain at all thanks God…and having faith now that the next month i will return where i was…in x footed mode!!haha!!Thank you so much Scott for your experience.Did you liked freestyler 108??And how is your riding is going?

          • That’s good to hear. 108 was awesome – love all of the X-ft/backwards backpacker variations! I hope you get back on it soon.

            Going ok here – had a short but really fun riding trip in Hawaii. Working on some new ideas and going to be quarantined at home now it looks like. Thankfully, I have a good riding spot in my backyard!

  6. Yeah i look forward to get back on it to the cross footed mode and i want to learn some kickflip tricks like backpacker flip and others…i was in a really good shape back in December and hopefully summer going to be ridingwise great.Lucky you Scott having homespot,i also have homespot in my backyard and i ride pretty regular here at home but i do tricks like Rick Allison type!!ha!Radical Rick is still riding by the way and hes like 55 years old as he says in his youtube channel!!Have you checked him Scott??

    • That would be great to see! I can imagine you could do some NBD variations. I love the kickflip also, once in a great while I still do one. I saw Rick A ride a few times back in the day – I’ll have to check his channel!

      • I have some NBD in my mind to pull when i get back…i anticipate to ride.Yeah Radical Rick is wild and he has so much fun it looks like…pure fun!!Hoping to pass this Corona thing fast…the track in my edit in 108 is called ”the world is yours”…we have to protect our world and somehow i feel flatland can help us to get through this as Effraim says…if you can ride Scott flatland do it as much as you can…

  7. What Adam Guild said …….TIMES 7 !! TOP 5 , in flatlands HISTORY ! I mean how many riders out there just CASUALLY pick up / learn one of the most difficult , technical styles of bmx flatland , that not only WITHOUT a DOUBT …….WINS contests , earns INSTANT respect from REAL riders GLOBALLY , who are IN THE KNOW of the ridiculous difficulty of riding X-LEGGED , and to make it even better ……..Giannis has dialed this technique SO much that he SLLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMING DOWN various variations , just playing / FREESTYLING with it , haha. X- LEG , ONE handed steam , pivot to half packer , dropped to back packer , turbined , rolling backwards……JUMP UP / BODY varial to hiker !! X-LEG half hiker , pivot to side packer , drop to back packer , turbined , rolling backwards , pivot AGAIN , coming out to X-LEG hiker !! Hang five turbine , rolling backwards , step over , backwards side packer , dropped to back packer , pivot to X-LEG hiker !! C, mon bruv , more than a few of these lines could seriously be worthy of the 2020 M.O.C. online contest ,coming up ! Like that 360 pivot- FULL body varial , rolling in a back packer !! Damn , campeon , I hope ya heal up soon , prayers going UP for ya , Giannis ……cause with the LEVEL of these last 3 edits , your section in Lil Doses part 9 , and……..THIS new edit ……..your PROGRESION just CANT be held down , contained , or stopped !! Salud , to the BMX king of Greece , once AGAIN …….and I eagerly , as ALWAYS ….anticipate even MORE from ya , cause to me……..youre capable of ANYTHING in bmx flatland…….the OVER 100 edits of yours are a testament to that………………

    • Top 5 in flatland history??So the list is Kevin,Chase,Osicka,Martti and Giannis??Hahahah!King Rodney i salud you sir!And i hope my friend Sakis Dumas is reading these comments…

    • Gracias hermano for your love and your attention you pay in every edit these last 5 years and beyond…i think that you know that i appreciate your knowledge in flatland and that these freestyler edits are continuing cause YOU guys and Rodney want it.In this hard period we all pass its important to keep rolling and have faith that everything is gonna be fine in the end…and dont worry mi amigo Rodney,the robot is gonna be reprogammed and produce x legged combos like theres no tommorow…ahahahah!!

  8. Since you like details Rodney…if you noticed the hang5 turbine to backwards backpack turn to x leg hiker following the next combo starting with x leg halfhiker pivot to side packer backpacker turbine to backwards backpacker turn to x leg hiker out is the opening combo of Stephan Hearn in Create breaking it in half!!And a couple of other combos here in 108 if you put them together it makes the opening combo of Martti in Background…!The flatland nerd came from inside of me!!hahahah!

    • Kalimera Tristan ti kaneis??haha!You have learned more greek words than ive learned new tricks!!hahah!Yeah basically those combos in my last 3 edits are based in tricks i learned 20 years ago…x leg halfhiker,x leg hitch,backpacker and backwards,hitch and backwards,x leg steam,halfpacker,crackpacker,hang5 and g turn to backw,fireh to hitch…thats why you have to create a good base,when you start at first into flatland you have to learn all the basic moves in order to pull harder ones…most of the newbies dont have that stracture and in a couple of years they stack in the same moves…Be in search of everything is what Chase said in Ded and i couldnt agree more Tristan to that….

  9. Ka la Gia haha! Yes, l often found myself, like any real riders discovering new ways to get in & out of links, it’s endless.

  10. Mi hermano , Giannis ! I seriously stand by Adam Guilds statement , TIMES 7 ……TOP 5 in bmx flatlands HISTORY . I , like Adam , judge that on your INFINITE tricktionary , and CONSTANT progression , ability to adapt , learn and DIAL any trick , variation , technique , of ANY time period in bmx flatland ……hell , bruv ….I aint got to say…….ANYTHING , seriously. All anyone has to do is just go to your YouTube channel , hope they’ve got some extra time on their hands though, haha…..and just WATCH your 100 and something edits , even just HALF of them , haha……all the PROOF is RIGHT THERE ! No b.s. , no hype .Its all RIGHT THERE . Ya know that old saying…….actions speaks LOUDER than ….WORDS…well OVER 100 edits of all DIFFERENT tricks , links , variations , techniques ….with AND without BRAKES , front AND back wheel , WITH styles from all the way as far back as 1996 …..ALL THE WAY UP till EVERY current trend , style of flatland …TODAY…….yeah , PROOF is RIGHT THERE , TOP 5 , haha ! Im stoked youre STILL keeping your FREESTYLER progression series going , even MORE stoked youre ready to RE-UP , RE-PROGRAM mentally to jump back in the game even MORE motivated to SLLLLLAAAAAAMMM DOWN some more X-LEG links !

    • Comprente cabrone!!haha!Yeah im gonna jump back for sure and continue it from where i left.Weird thing is that this x leg,backwards,pivoting,jump up type of flatland you watch on 106,107,108 is totally infinite…you know that i ride flatland 30 years now and if i choose it i can spent another 30 on that style for sure..i have so much to learn hermano that it gets me crazy!!Ofcourse im thankful for you watching my edits on youtube and spreading the word to other riders to check and from my position i say to check dudes i never stop watching…Stephan Hearn,Dylan,Martti Viki,Dom,Justin,Derbowka,Mates,Chase,Kevin,Osicka,Ross,Simon Obrien,Adam Kun,Day Smith,Faris,Marsan,Sam,Phil,Sommer,Cerra,Marton,Radical Rick,Penonzek,Terry,Denes,Rodney….the list is endless!!Its like that T-shirt Effraim wears in one of the latest exclusives!!ajahahahaha!!!!Now you know what im watching to get inspiration!hah!What about that list folks??WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY???

  11. That’s right ! Steven Hearn / Martti Kuoppa , their lines from Create , just watched that , couple months ago , haha…..and Back Ground ! Got that on V.H.S. , haha. I kinda knew in the back of my mind , as ya were flowing through those combos , they seemed kinda familiar . Dope , indeed , campeon ! No way , you ride with Sakis Dumas ?! Man , I love that guys rolling pedal stance moves , STRENGTH and then some ! To this day cross right pedal stick -bs , the one that Dylan Worsley had ON LOCK , waaaaaaaaaaay back in 1994 , like EARLY 1994 ….I do em …..but…….STILL mess them up ALL THE TIME , haha. Sakis just ROLLING those on BOTH pedals , even in back yard rolls ….I LOVE THAT ! Guess I should of figured you two both residing in Greece , that yall do session together a lil bit . Here in San Antonio Texas , theres two absolute RIPPERS on their bikes , like Sakis . My friends , BOBBY BURGE and DIEGO TEJADA !!! Im sure , Giannis that you’ve most definitely heard of BOTH of these cats , as they’ve traveled to competitions all over , even ACROSS the pond……and seriously SHREDDED their styles , even BEATING some very big names in contests ! DIEGO TEJADA even got flown to the COLOGNE BMX MASTERS , in 2010 , went there , kicked some ass , came back to Texas , got a TWO page spread in Ride Bmx magazine , AND a FULL page in Cream Bmx magazine , even came out on T.V. , like 3 times ! BOBBY BURGE , his name / riding is buzzing ALL OVER these days ! Hes just DESTROYED @ MAJOR events , since like 2014 ….the Flatland Voodoo Jam , A.F.A. events , etc ,etc …Mi hermanos , these two are like the Sakis and yourself of the Texas bmx flatland scene , Giannis ! Haha……AGAIN , cabrone ……..Im AMMMMMPED on this new direction you’ve taken with X-LEG techniques , its really a head trip , just how fast ya learn AND dial …EVERYTHING , Giannis . Your edits are pure core riding , just HARDCORE- HARRRRD SH-T , banged out back to back to back ! If ya ever released a solo D.V.D. compilation , of these 100 and something edits……Id buy 5 , one for Bobby , Diego , and two for me , haha………DAMN , Im loving those MUTIPLE X-LEG hiker jugglers , also . Ya even control them in a TIGHT circle …….even more controlled than when I do a simple freak squeak in a circle , hahahaha ! I wanna RE-learn a RUBEN CASTILLO classic , Giannis , that he did in 1988 ! X-LEG steam , to staple gun chicken , haha……I ll be FEATHERING of course , barking that 990 , hahaha , wish me a lil luck , hermano ! FREESTYLER 108 = A MILESTONE for bmx flatland , nuff said…………….

  12. Hope your recovery is going well , campeon ! Im kinda fiending , haha… see just WHAT youre gonna keep dishing out with the X-LEG rolling combos when youre all set to session / film ! Adam Guild is doing Doses 10 , you should send him a lil footage even if its past stuff . I KNOW youre sitting on LOOOOOAAADS of unused video footage , haha… did drop 108 edits online in less than 5 years , hahhaha……WHO does THAT ?! This edit STILL blows my mind , Giannis ……like I said….Id be thrilled to do a X-LEG steam roller…….WITHOUT barking my 990 , trying to control the position , haha ……you need to release ALL your edits on a D.V.D. compilation like the Dorkin In York box set !

  13. Mi amigo… Your words are the best medicine for any pain… Freestyler series will continue no matter what cause you know… Show must go on… And on and on…you won’t be disappointed hermano. I will be back soon…

        • Yes, a type of bursitis. Has it improved? It was last year before Christmas that it was injured with the knee hitchhiker, if I remember correctly?

          I’d definitely do some flexibility work for all of the muscles around the legs. Hold each for at least 2 minutes to actually be of benefit. If you could email me, I could suggest more specific stuff if you want.

          • Yeah it’s called bursitis. You remember correct homie since last December I haven’t touched my bike… I don’t step on stairs with that leg and now the sack is gone. I work extra hours these last 6 months but I’m really depressed that I don’t ride….

  14. I still ride… With my mind… Thank you Scott from the deep… All of you folks giving me hope… I won’t let you down… New Freestyler edit in a few days………………..

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