Groundtactics results just in!!!

k. Here you have the results. Please remember that we were looking mostly on originality then came rest of the criterias. I know that there was lot of talented guys part of the first round of Ground Tactics, but there was some originality missing therefore we scored low. And for the second round, we will be even more strict so everyone in top 16 start preparing some original stuff. And rest who didn´t qualify, please enter next time, you have plenty of time to get a lots of new tricks for it.

1 Sam Foakes 367 points
2 Moto Sasaki 364 points
3 Waldemar Fatkin 350 points
4 Peter Olsen 342 points
5 Takahiro Ideha 334 points
6 Pakphpum Poosart 314 points
6 Giannis Gaternallis 314 points
7 Ezequil Camara 306 points
8 Aleksi Ritsilä 302 points
9 David Nagy 300,5 points
10 Stephan Fabien 294 points
10 Taslem Raziff 294 points
11 Navid 288 points
12 Stephan Kornernly 287 points
13 Mazar 284 points
14 Alex Poirier 283 points
15 Remy D 282 points
16 Thomas Noyer 281 points
Non qualifiers:
17 Jeromino 280 points
18 Guelo 274 points
19 Thomas Deschenaux 269 points
19 Daniel Boros 269 points
20 Joda 260 points
21 Prasheel 256 points
22 Golf 253 points
23 X 238 points
24 Romain Dodelier 236 points
25 Esteban Palencia 234,5 points
26 Jeremy Brosset 234 points
26 Gaoussou Issabre 234 points
27 Renz Viaje 230 points
28 William Perez 225 points
29 Hezlan 224 points
30 Lachlan Cameron 223 points
31 Tony Mendieta 221 points
32 Patric Ras 217 points
32 Renaud Lasprayes 217 poins
32 Javier Roldan 217 points
33 Moya 195 points
34 Sebastian Palencia 171 points
35 Paolo Gepulango 164 points
36 Medvev Ivan 152 points

6 thoughts on “Groundtactics results just in!!!

  1. I really respect for the all riders. I personally just can´t understand one thing. Why open this game for the pros? I think and again only personally for so many riders it´s was a great opportunity for try to catch a sponsorship. For me it`s not to fair from the sponsored pro riders to came to this game. Sorry I just would like to share what I think about it. Anyway I maximum respect for Martti and other guys for push the flatland and try to create something different. It is the soul of the flatland. Ride on. Robert Völler

  2. Sam Foaks
    Waldemar Fatkin
    Pakhpum Poosart
    Aleksi Ritsilä
    Stephen Fabien
    Have all entered pro. Rest of the guys, propably 5 – 8 more of them have entered pro already.
    Moto Sasaki is riding expert class in Japan.

    None of these guys above are getting their plane tickets paid.
    Neither do I.

    Still, all the 16 guys have a fair change to get the first place on this competition.
    It is not going to easy but also it is not going to be easy for Sam or Waldemar or Moto to get the very first place.

    Hopefully the concept is getting better understood in future. I am not here to take away from anyone. I am here to give a change to everyone.

  3. The great story for me in this is guys like Pete Olsen, who has come to the forefront, busted out and now is a recognized name. I can't say much more than martti already has, what would add is let's break down this myth that just because you are sponsored you are somehow better, it is doesn't mean anything unless you ride for a living and none of those guys do.
    Let's push flatland to the next level, already Pete Olsen has made a name for himself who else can step up.
    Get riding, get creative, have some fun and enjoy flatland.

  4. HellYEAH!!!!
    I'm through!!
    Todays session is gonna be of the hook, riding with full strength! full power. motivation and love, BaaaM! time for change, thanx everyone from A – Z!

  5. It's a good thing I'm going to Miami in a week, hopefully I can film some stuff down there for my next video, otherwise I'm screwed! God damn Canadian winters and no indoor spots. The ground is covered in snow! So lame, haha. Congrats to all the other riders who also made it through, feels like an honour to be in the top 16 with you guys.
    -Alex Poirier

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