Help The Byke Project Fund a Truck!

Hector Garcia puts in a hell of a lot of work helping kids who can’t afford bike in and around the Houston area. The byke project are looking to buy an ice cream truck, to help offer more to young kids, read on! And hit the link at the bottom of this post,all help is much appreciated!

Help The Byke Project raise funds to purchase this awesome little Ice Cream Truck. We will use this truck to give back to youth in the inner city. It’ll be cleaned up, restored, and outfitted with everything we need to do free bike repair in lower income areas, as well as do regular outreach to communities in need. One might have to look for medium duty truck brake system parts as it is rare.

An average Byke Project outreach would include us showing up in the truck, pulling out the PA and tents, and setting up shop and helping kids with their busted up bikes. When we can we would give away new bikes to those that can’t afford a bike. We would do this regularly and use this to establish strong relationship with the community.

The truck runs and is solid. We would restore it slowly, paint it and outfit it as needed. The truck would become an iconic tool for the Byke Project. We could do alot in the city with this little guy.

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