Hiroya Morizaki takes top spot in Jeep Real Games

Congratulations to Hiroya Morizaki who took the top spot in the one of the highest level contests to go down in flatland history! If you haven’t already watched the Must Watch video (entries) below this post, I suggest you get on that. Japan is on another level right now, the finals is going to be insane!!! Who is your money on?

7 thoughts on “Hiroya Morizaki takes top spot in Jeep Real Games

  1. I think Hiro will take it – he fits the most banger stuff into the shortest possible time and he is ticking every box that the is probably being judged – variety, difficulty and originality.

  2. My favourite switch of the whole contest was the guy who went straight from backwards time straight to mc circle. That was rad!

  3. You have to look at those runs many times to decide! Hiro rides 2 decades more than all the others though! Backwheel wins by the way!

  4. I feel like everytime I watch any kind of Japanese I have a lot of questions as far as format and judging but I think in the end I bow to their experience and level. This format is cool. Edited run. Hardest tricks.

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