9 thoughts on “James Smith – Wet GoPro Black Test

  1. Matt, hes got a PiR custom frame. If you look on Global Flat theres a picture of the frame in the PiR Products thread in the Flatland Media page. Ive got my PiR Forks & Bars in there & given a few weeks i will be adding a frame too!

  2. Best GoPro video I have ever seen. I generally hate them, and always think they are over done, especially if the whole video is all GoPro. But I have to say I love this video. The sound of the bike drives me into the piece, while the close up imagery brings me even closer. Your choice in clips keeps moving too; this more than keeps me from being bored. Well done James.

  3. Always loved James , his SMOOOOOOOTH , effortless , tech…. all rolling combos ……just like the one starting @ 1.52 MINUTES ! Rad link ! Really good Go-pro filming, as well ! Wonder if hes still riding ?! Think he races motorcycles , these past couple years ?! Id be STOKED to see some fresh lines from this cat , hell ….Id be happy seeing some of his older combos ,when he was on the INERTIA bike company roster , back in 2004ish ! Watching all this flat / street hybrid riding , lately …..makes me INSTANTLY think of THIS dude , being that he RULED @ riding BOTH disciplines ……….

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