4 thoughts on “James White: Next Slide Please

  1. Great stuff! Sliders need there place in our world and James really captured the joy and fun we can have with a simple slider. I especially liked the pedal slider. Nice work!!

  2. This RULES ! All these variations are HARD …..Whiteski just edited it in a ” Dorkin ” type of vibe . which is SOOOOO dope , indeed . Double footed back yard roll , one legged hitchhiker , hitchhiker -lay down , forward rolling , ALL of this is SLLLAMMMED ! You know what’s funny ??! I actually FINALLY learned sliders in 2019 , the old school way , like how Larry Manayan did them in 1987 , haha…..Randall Edwards ,a A.T.X. BMX Flatland crew member ,also helps run the TEXAS FLATLANDERS , he got me RE -stoked on sliders in 2016 ………it still take me at least 3 attempts to pull a decent slider , haha. I love it when I do . Larry Manayan , SHOUT OUT !! Wonder if he still rides ?? James has done it all …..5O Shades Of White should be a D.V.D. for sale , I’d buy TEN copies ……….

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