3 thoughts on “Jason Kale – October 2017 session

  1. LOVING the bars during his turbined /kickless / spinning megas , POP into hang fives , the BOTTOM BRACKET rocket , AND messiah rolls , ALL mid-combo !! That’s what I REALLY dig about Jasons riding , he ll learn a new move ………….and just FREESTYLE with it during his combos , you NEVER know whats coming as hes riding !!! RAD !!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Rodney!!!!!!!! Im glad someone understands im freestyling…The funny thing about this little vid is its just the end of 2.5 hr session. I had no intention of filming any of this. All i wanted to do was get this https://youtu.be/DS-G2vVaBlU on film and the rest was me kinda resting in between because i just couldnt get it, and then once the video editor processed the clips i didnt pull the correct one out and just thought well its a nice Autumn ride feel to it with the stuff in between trying to pull the linked combo…These little links are like the minimum version of what i was doing prior or what they are to actually be. Im Glad you enjoy!!!!!

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