Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3 + Full Results Kio

It’s a busy day at Flatmatters HQ keeping up with proceedings across the globe, congratulations to Jean William Prevost taking the win at AFA Round 3 in Winston Salem, North Carolina USA yesterday, in the Masterclass Kevin Edwards came out on top, Kelly Baldwin in the Expert Class, Ron Metzger taking the Olds Cool class and Andy Pendemic taking the win in beginner class. Great to see such a healthy turnout at Round 3 of the AFA series, big respect to Bryan Huffman for putting this one on!
Check out the full results below, thanks to Todd Carter for sending the results and podium shots as always!

1. Jean William Prévost
2. Terry Adams
3. Austin Luberda
4. Art Thomason
5. Bobby Burge
6. Jean Francois Bouilliane
7. Mickey Gaidos
8. James McGraw
9. Dave Nourie
10. Cesar Rangle
11. Isaiah Jordan
12. Martin Inda
13. Joe Cicman

1. Kevin Edwards
2. Bryan Huffman
3. Todd Carter
4. Alexis La Grassa
5. Jon Dowker
6. Mitchell Hall

1. Kelly Baldwin
2. Troy Hebert
3. Lee Meiia
4. Teak
5. Omar Lirrego
6. Thiago Bazanne
7. Sean Porter
8. Rodney Dye
9. Kevin Washington

Old’s School
1. Ron Metzger
2. Rich Upjohn
3. Justin Tate
4. Matt Stamey
5. Paul Vail
6. Tony Abasolo
7. Brent Schulze
8. Fox kinsman
9. Jason Harrison
10. Mark coats
11. Fern Brennel
12. Keith Rieben
13. Mark Johnson
14. Chris Wong
15. Shea Snow
16. Rey Meyers
17. Ron Seay
18. Glenn Mehltretter
19. Will Danner

1. Andy Pendemic
2. Zach Dreiling
3. Erin Laskowich
4. Jon Reyes
5. Don Pickering
6. Steve Nowak
7. Kelly Oldfield
8. David Shipley
9. Monique Baldwin
10. Sean Shiping
11. Justin Griffin
12. Preston Wilson
13. Kim Klisiak
14. Rodney Bowcock
15. Coda McGraw
16. Emily Metzger
17. Noah McGraw
18. Juliana Metzger
19. Joel Mondy

5 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3 + Full Results Kio

    • when you put it like that, yea. That’s crazy. Especially in a country like the US where everyone is so spread out. Imagine the other 100s riders who couldn’t make it.. flat ain’t dead!

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