Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 4 + Full Results

Round 4 of the AFA 2023 Flatland series went down yesterday in Houston, Texas. Congratulations to Jean William Prevost winner of Pro class, Bryan Huffman winner of Masters, Troy Hebert taking the win in Expert class, Marty Ferryman winning the Olds Cool class and Julian Thompson taking the honours in the beginner class. Full results and podium shots below, thanks Todd Carter as always for the news.

Pro Class.

1. Jean William Prévost

2. Terry Adams

3. Mickey Gaidos

4. Art Thomason

5. Will Redd

6. Omari Cato

7. Bobby Burge

8. James McGraw

9. Martín Inda

10. Cesar Rangel


1. Bryan Huffman

2. Todd Carter

3. Ed Jodie

4. Ruben Castillo

Expert Class.

1. Troy Hebert

2. Kelly Baldwin

3. Lee Mejia

4. Steve Lapsley

5. David Tufts

6. Greg Griffin

7. Ezra Patten

8. Luis Palmas

9. Robert Reyes

Old’s Cool Class.

1. Marty Ferryman

2. Danny Harrison

3. Tony Abasolo

4. Keith Rieben

5. John Ustaszewski

6. Derek Chamberlain

7. Paul Magallanez

8. Pierce

9. Pete Rodriguez

Beginner Class.

1. Julian Thompson

2. Quinn Burge

3. Joseph Perez

4. Greg Mobley

5. Gordon Wells

6. Monique Baldwin

7. Raiden Martinez

8 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 4 + Full Results

    • By not landing his tricks. Omari killed it all weekend. He had a few slams during his run. There were some really great performances at this event. Congrats to the top guys who made podium.

      • I’m assuming Chris comment is intended more in a negative way than in a positive way and wondering how Omari placed higher than someone he perceived as doing better. If that’s the case I’ll just assume he doesn’t know much about flatland.

          • Hahaha. Ahhhh. Makes sense now. Take a pop shot and then when confronted don’t defend your argument. At least have an opinion bro! Who rode better than Omari in 7th-10th? We’re you there? You ask a question, get an answer from two different people and say leave me out of your craziness. You introduced the craziness! Hahaha. You’re wild dude. I love flatland and the conversations it creates. You’re keeping it fun Chris.

  1. Was watching the footy on the afa YouTube channel. Looks like you all had a blast. How was the floor surface? I’m always impressed how the top riders in all classes and the pros manage to adapt to the different floor/ground conditions at contests. So many variables to navigate while trying to drop your links.

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