Jean William Prevost wins Toronto Flatland Unlimited for the 5th time!

Congratulations to Jean William Prevost won the Toronto Flatland Unlimited for the fifth time this past weekend, followed by Terry Adams, and Jean Francois Boulianne in the third place spot. Big up the CFO organisers, this event has been going for so long! Respect!

3 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins Toronto Flatland Unlimited for the 5th time!

  1. I think the timing of when the Fise series stopped in Edmonton(September), The up coming Grizzly Jam(August), and Octobikerfest(October?) are perfect times for a Canadian contest. The winter here creates such a large environmental and financial obstacle to over come just to ride, never mind pushing to progress and trying to get dialed. For our longest running contest to always happen right after what I believe is the most crippling part of the year for our riders never made sense to me. Then throw in that slippery floor where it goes down, ummm ok? I’m really blown away this thing keeps managing to happen and draw people. Must be the bmx nostalgia. I’m impressed by anyone that can adapt to slick surfaces and still drop their high level links. Props to Dub and all that made it out and managed to shred. I’m not in a big rush to spend any of my non-existent funds or little free time to go struggle on that floor, and be out and about in T dot’s late winter/early spring weather. Oh Canada…

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