11 thoughts on “Joe Cicman & Danny Sirkin – 24″ Cruiser Flatland

  1. Crazy riding on those big bikes!

    Old School memory: At the AFA Masters Series in Wayne, NJ in 1988 (15 Expert; 75+ riders), my run was either right before or right after Dan’s (riding for Dyno at the time). I didn’t know him but we chatted a bit. I was nervous as hell and gelled my run accordingly. Ahhh, the good old days.

  2. Mark, my guess is your back pain would likely increase if you try riding on one of these cruisers, as the weight of it is more than you’d expect when you watch these guys ride.

    #rumourhasit there’s already talk of another edit, with some heavy features in it.

  3. Thanks for posting this, E!

    We had so much fun shooting this – and special thanks to Danny, Dave, Prasheel, Mark, Shauny, and Steve for the awesome surprise get-together and mounds of support as I busted myself up to land that death truck. #soRad

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