9 thoughts on “Joel Schallhorn: Blood, Sweat, Tears & Time

  1. Some insane tricks in there. I think he would do really well in the master of creativity contest! So much stuff that I haven’t seen before.

  2. For those interested in the true story of this video read the proper description for the video. If read you’d see it was actually filmed in 6 locations across 3 countries, Osaka being the first minute. And I can guarantee there are highlights far past the 36 second mark.
    This will probably be my last flatland video, at least for a long time… Like I said the real description will give the meaning behind this video.
    I truly hope all of you have enjoyed it and I hope I have inspired some of you over my riding career.

    • Joel…i think you make a big mistake here.And i tell you that cause i am off now for 3 months due to a knee injury and i could kill this moment to ride flatland again…i understand your need to take a break,everybody wants sometime but….to completely quit??No man i dont get it….You are 1 of the most creative and original flatlanders on the planet right now….you give me so much ideas and inspiration from your edits…your decision is not acceptable by me in any meanings…

  3. Joel Schallhorn is probably the only rider who can put out a 9-minute edit and keep an audience captivated.

    That’s my view.

    As for the “properness” of the description, I am disappointed that I was the only one to highlight the pink rims and man bun.

  4. incredible edit! insane bike control on a lot of these maneuvers…I’m loving the stem boomerang sequence, nice exit on that line.

  5. Incredible Edit Joel. I just love the creativity & thought that went into so many of your concepts. I truly hope you continue in the Flatland Game. As Jesse Puente says: “Good things come to those who create…”

  6. That was mind blowing. An honour to say I met this guy like 12 years ago at a jam. Was hooked for the whole edit. Insane dedication. Props

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