3 thoughts on “Kasahara: King of Ground Nagoya 2005

  1. “Style for days”, so true! Very interesting. No one rides like this today. It seems like this an almost forgotten style of riding and it is not so long ago. Thanks for posting!

  2. Niiice! serious question: Isn’t there any way to bring KOG back to life? Its such a shame its gone…was there for so long and then gone. I actually prefer KOG over Flatark. It had a nicer more family like feeling to it. So if there is any chance please bring it back…

  3. Not one I could answer unfortunately, events evolve and things move on. From the recent interview with Yasu about the King of Ground it sounds like things just evolved from KOG to flat ark. People get older, family commitments and so on… I could be wrong but thats the impression I got.

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