3 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips: Landscapes 3 part

  1. I could watch Keelan ride all day just as I could Dub and Matthias. They are all like Olympic figure skaters. Such a treat.

  2. AGEED , Fred ! Just watched this……….I love watching how hes just dominated his nose manual skills …. so much now hes throwing fire haul-pivot , cross- bar switches MID-LINE ! Ever since Keelan took the nose manual path , to his riding …..it REALLY leveled UP his skill set , and made his fast style even MORE intense / better . His most dope video section yet ……..and Im STILL buggin out on his section from Neon Medias Impaqued 3 , where hes riding in Erin Frickes old session spot , hahaha……..that section dropped in mid-2005 !! Effraim !! Stuart Munro juuuuuuuuuuust dropped Simon Obriens section from Landscapes 3 on his YouTube channel , Im sure ya have seen it , its SO rad , just like Keelans section here . Keelan hasn’t stopped ruling on his bike , since his FLAT RING victory in Paris in 2006 ……RESPECT ! Those nose manual hop 180s , BACK to nose manuals……..I could watch Keelan do just those all day……….

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