10 thoughts on “Keith Harrison – Fall 2012 – Old Dog New Tricks

  1. Nice edit Keith, it’s cool seeing some of the stuff you’ve been working on this last while all compressed into 3 minutes. See ya at the harbour, now I’m stoked to ride!

  2. I like Keith, especially on twitter, but my only gripe with him is that he doesn’t tweet enough. This edit makes it clear he’s busy riding though.

    Loved the steam kick/varial to funky chicken switch, which I first saw done y Mike S in Props Groundwork, and I’ve been jealous of it ever since.

    Nice work, Keith!

  3. Thanks dudes. I’m heading to FU9 for sure and in true Canadian style I’ll be throwing down at the comp followed by some throwing up in and around some of Torontos fine dining establishments.

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