2 thoughts on “Khaled Huerta: Combination Set

  1. He’s like a mix of Penonzek / Misawa ,in my opinion . Love Khaled’s lines , riding . He never disappoints with every video clip . Shredder !

  2. Speaking of C.O.B. 2022 …….THIS cat right here would of fit in nicely . Khaled Huerta has it all in his riding beautiful flow throughout his lines ,all the difficult new , progressive rolling pivots , switches and bar flips ….WITH turbines thrown in …….AND he has that ” Penonzek factor ” , meaning his skill set is EQUAL on the front AND back wheel . He’s got long lines on both wheels as well. A humble , cool dude …..and one serious ripper on a bike ! I actually text Scott and recommended Khaled as an alternate or something . He’s BEEN under the flatland radar , very known but deserves ALOT more recognition in my opinion . Thank you , Effraim for always supporting him and giving him some shine on this site !!! Khaled RULES ……..

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