Episode 59: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Matt Wilhelm


What’s up everyone?
It’s been a minute since a fresh Flatmattersonline exclusive, and today we bring it back in style with one of the best to do it… Hoffman Bikes very own Matt Wilhelm!!
This exclusive kills two birds with one stone so to speak, its been a while since I have seen any Matt Wilhelm footage. Whilst we were judging the AFA Dream run contest , it came up in conversation that Matt was down to film an episode, and today he drops a brand new line that I have never seen before.
Ice Cream turbines on the bottom bracket, and a BB Ice Cream bike flip out in brakeless style that Matt suits completely. Hell yeah!!!

Thank you Matt for contributing, whose got episode 60?

7 thoughts on “Episode 59: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Matt Wilhelm

  1. Such a cool line from one of the coolest guys I have ever met in flatland… And that exit from the bottom bracket to bike flip out… Wow man… Original! Thank you for the motivation Matt you still rock! Cheers Effraim!

  2. So much respect for Matt, insane combo!!
    Highlight of my riding career was when Matt approached me at a Comp in Detroit complementing my riding…..Ha! Matt complementing me?!?

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