Introducing the new BSD Revolution hub

Whilst BSD is not a flatland brand so to speak, James White and Amos Burke have been using this frames and products for a good while now. Yesterday, BSD launched “the Revolution Hub” and this certainly looks like it would work well for flatland. Official word below…

Introducing the new BSD Revolution hub…

A freecoaster hub that feels like a cassette hub, weighs the same as a cassette hub, has a pedal gap like a cassette hub and sounds like a cassette hub. Using the Planetary clutch system.

Hub features:

• 30% lighter than conventional freecoaster hubs.
• No gap when pedalling forward.
• Eradicates unwanted engagement on rollbacks.
• Feels and sounds like a cassette hub.
• No need for oversized hub bearings due to low axial load.
• Supertough hollow male 14mm chromo axle.
• BSD hubguards included.

To find out more about the Revolution hub visit –

2 thoughts on “Introducing the new BSD Revolution hub

  1. What’s the story with the Planetary coaster? There was a bit of buzz about it a year ago (BSD didn’t design it) but it never really became readily available. It’s cool that BSD are bringing it to the mainstream. They make some great product. Especially hubs and cranks. I really trust their stuff.

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