Kio Hayakawa is the 2022 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year!

Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa for winning the award for the Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year for the second year in a row! James White was this year given the honour of presenting the award.

7 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa is the 2022 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year!

  1. Can you imagine what the man’s going to drop on us that’s going to earn him his 3rd nora cup in a row?! These people are so damn good at this shit it makes your head spin. Blender 3flip back to Blender mid combo, then proceed to another flip while turbining the Blender and land in a Wilhelm style no handed upside down pedal megaspin?!?! Guess time will tell. Curious if anyone’s using roids like Lance Armstrong steez in our sport? Hasn’t been brought up to test for that yet. I know Japan has too much honor for that jazz, but how’s the rest of the world ever going to catch up? Lol. Anyone getting their toddlers into riding flatland? Maybe put one of those small finger bikes in the womb to kick start a general interest and get some exposure? Not sure how other humans will try to keep raising the bar here…

    • Lance did the HGH and roids earlier on but his “wins” were all blood doping, withdrawing blood months earlier then injecting his own blood back into his veins on big days increasing his red blood cells, which carry your O2 to your muscles and make you feel invincible. See Tyler Hamilton and several others, who got someone else’s blood injected into their veins.

      • Yes, that’s a more accurate rendition of the Lance Armstrong time line of events there. In the end it’s just food for thought. One’s got to wonder at what point will a flatland rider choose a path with “unnatural” assistance to achieve their goals.

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