2 thoughts on “Leo Claro: Stemlash to Nose

  1. Im with George , THIS is really wild ! First of all him doing the STEM lash……. and to drop down to a effortless NOSE manual……YES , Big-E … most definitely CLIP OF THE WEEK , TIMES 7……….stuff like this just messes with my mind watching it , haha……..I can BARELY pull a REGULAR whiplash and as far as doing a NOSE manual ?! Forget it , Id be good to do a BASIC hang five or a manual , hahahahaha………it AINT happening , haha……this is the kind of stuff like George and his ZERO pegs / brakes stuff that I would show one of my old school bmx friends if they were wondering just how far bmx flatland has progressed since our days in the 1980s , thats if they havent already seen stuff like this online, already . Leo Claro is a MACHINE ! He makes this look EFFORTLESS ……..

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