Aaron Frost: Landscapes 3 Video Part

Today we have a nice exclusive courtesy of Stewart Munro and Simon O’Brien, Aaron Frost’s part from Landscapes 3 filmed by Jim McKay. Love the frustration and hard work that this section communicates, and Aaron’s ender is super good!

You can read my review of Landscapes 3 below if you missed it!


You can buy the full video right here:


4 thoughts on “Aaron Frost: Landscapes 3 Video Part

  1. Agreed with Giannis ! Im was stoked when Stuart dropped the trailer for this , seeing Frosty was in it ! I still remember finally getting to officially meet and session with Aaron @ a break dancing event here in San Antonio , back in 2008 , October I think it was . The event is called The Battle Of The Alamo , thrown by a break dancing legend named Billy Angelini , aka Voodoo . I had worked with this guy in 2005 , 2006 , and 2007 . When he decided to also add BMX park AND flatland for the 2008 event …..I was AMMMPED , haha….a lot of Texas riders showed up to ride , put on an all day demo and check out / support all of the crazy skilled break dancers , pop lockers , and M.C.s who were rocking the house inside AND outside ALL day . Upon just getting there …….who do I see ….yup , FROSTY …mid line in a long around the world link , rolling around , butter slipping from switch hand steams into crack packers , back into MORE around the worlds , mixing the link up with hitch hikers , turbine cross Karls , just flying ,man , haha……pumping , gaining speed throughout the combo , just FLOWING !! The spot where we were all riding was kinda tight and had a slight side ways hill to it …….Aaron just used all of that , somehow to his ADVANTAGE …..he was making that baby blue S.C. frame , fork , bars , look EXTRA sweet , complimenting his custom painted bike with his RIDING ! Every time it was his turn during our jam circle……he would just BUST OUT another awesome line. Finally after an hour …I got up the nerve to say hey to him , telling him Ive been a fan of of riding since he had his FIRST parts company , when he was living in Denver , busting high speed , tight circle hitch hikers in 1999 . Frosty was cool , easy to chat with , a swell guy …..its really dope watching this new section of his . His lines have only gotten harder over the years and even more technical . His signature Green Goblin pivot …..backwards hitch hiker , pivot to x-leg back packer , pivot again…..hes nailing THAT move where ever he wants to now, in his links and his combos have gained even MORE speed / momentum as he flowing through em . Aaron is a true LIFER in the flatland game , as this video part shows . I STILL love watching his video sections from Vibe part 5 , From The Sky Up , and Land Escape B ! Frosty RULES , and Im stoked hes STILL ripping on his bike as hard as ever …………

  2. Still loving this part of Frosty’s ! Hoping HE will bust out an exclusive video clip for number # 82 or # 83 . ( HINT , HINT….Aaron . ) Frost is pure rolling wizardry in full effect . ( his combos. )

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