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Review: Effraim.

I am sure I write this every time I review a video, I feel it’s important to say it without trying to sound like a broken record. It really is a brave move to make an online video these days, especially if you are charging for it online. It’s quite common in skateboarding, but hasn’t filtered over to flatland really.
Landscapes 3 comes in at 1 hour 12 minutes long, I can’t even imagine how much working time that is for the creator, Stewart Munro putting all the pieces together, selecting riders going back and forth with riders gathering footage, picking the music to fit each rider, the list goes on.

Landscapes 3 just dropped around a week ago, and I was stoked to hear it was finally available after some technical difficulties. As usual I like to review the video, especially when the videos creator, Stewart Munro has gone to such effort to make this happen for the third time.

Brandon Fenton is on intro duties, and does a great job describing the heartache and pain the goes into filming a video part and flatland riding in general. Short and sweet, but nevertheless an intro that grabbed me.

Varo Hernandez out of Madrid, Spain has the first section and under Martti Kuoppa’s guidance I feel like Varo has come on leaps and bounds in the last year especially. Solid lines, at amazing riding spots throughout the city of Madrid. The first section is all so important to getting you hyped on the video. His smooth right side x-ft halfpacker pass through back pivot to steam although I’ve seen it before, still takes say “damn” every time I see it, he executes a hard switch like it’s nothing.
Likewise with the nose wheelie line, locked in and buttery smooth. The sign of a good rider, and his progression really is motivating to see. His banger, a 360 bunnyhop tap out jam decade to pedals is amazing and unexpected! Solid first session to start Landscapes 3.

Next section up falls to Chris Vasileiou out of Greece. Following Varo’s slower more controlled style, a nice change of pace I thought to myself. Good pick from Stewart, it looks like Chris rides in his house from the opening clip! Crazy set up, and charges in with fast tea kettle switch to stem tomahawk line with a style that reminds me a lot of Jimmy Petitet. Whatever happened to that dude? Chris’ last line is my favourite, Scarlo Squeak to frame stand freak squeak back to Scarlo squeak switch to framestand tomahawk and the link goes on. Chris is a master of the tomahawk switches, dialled!

I’m already on the second cuppa, From Europe to Japan, Masato Ito is up next, many of you will know Masato’s riding from the Fise contests or Cologne. Explosive style, utilising the back brake and again a switch up in styles from the first two sections with Varo and Chris. Masato’s section is a powerful mix of front and back wheel, his last line: inside switch b pivot forwards ice cream to opposite forward g-roll pivot to left sided swift foot peg wheelie decade to right side switch foot peg wheelie pivot to two footed backyard pivot left sided switch foot peg wheelie decade to regular stance peg wheelie pumped into turbine mega spins to apple crate out pedal to pedal is absolutely bonkers! Nice section from Misato shot in great locations. So far I’m loving the diversity in riding styles section to section. The choice of music track which I haven’t mentioned as far, went really well with Masato’s riding.

The next section falls to Brazilian young buck, Mateus Beckmann who we have featured heaviliy since the get go here on Flatmattersonline, and for good reason. Mateus can do it all, and here he delivers a full section with of street and flatland bangers. From the opening 180 hop backlash 180 to nose 180 back to backlash whopper out pedal to pedal, you know this going to be a good section! It is tempting to list everything he does, but I don’t want to spoil to for all of you at home that haven’t seen this yet.
So I’ll list my favourites:
-Opposite 180 backlash downside whip to pedals, shot at his infamous home riding spot that we did a bunch of Flatmatteronline exclusives when Mateus was coming up in the game. Anyone remember those?
-And if I had to pick my favourite it’s definitely the 180 backlash to forwards hang 5 downside whip land backwards switch foot backwards peg wheelie foot jam decade out!
Solid section from Mateus, always interesting to see what he is up to.

Next up we have a mixtape section from riders across the globe FT Markus Schwital, Omari Cato, Bobby Carter, Alejandro Marques, Dave DeBuono, Rennace Tomko, and Rodolphe Clavelier. Flowing clip to clip, all with different styles. This section flows really well and breaks up the full section parts nicely.

Next up it’s time for Autum rider Thomas Deschenaux from France. The opening titles read he’s from Germany, but I’m 99 percent sure he’s French. Thomas is blessed with quite possibly the most beautiful backdrop at his spot, so this section as well as the amazing riding is a joy to watch for the background. Thomas is infamous for his spinning nose manuals, and the opening sequence does not disappoint. Executing a beautiful spinning nose to pedal 5, brutal looking move that Thomas has on lock.
Really like his switch foot pedal 5 g turn half cab to opposite switch foot pedal 5 whiplash out, crazy hard and Thomas makes this one look so stylish. Without a doubt my favourite clip of his section is the switch foot pedal 5 in circles winding into xft spinning nose! I’ve wanted to see that one, since I first saw Thomas do the spinning nose, perfect!

Time for another cuppa, phew!

The next section falls to the talented Erin Fricke, I believe she still lives in New Jersey, USA. It was great to see her ride this year at Fise, Montpelier. But here, as you might expect, she delivers so much more. Front wheel skills to pay the bills, really liked the inside Karl full bar scoot to backwards foot Karl (switch foot Karl?) whatever it is, it’s rad to watch. And her classic Forward Karl on pedal half bar clip Karl to opposite switch handed steam and out, is a banger! Easy on the eye move! My favourite move of Erin’s section is the half bar flip Karl to sw-ft pedal k out, great to see Erin do her thing on home turf. Solid section!

Keita Uchino is up next, ah yes this guy I thought to myself after watching the first line… Super unique front wheel switches, from Kobe Japan. Keita rips, love his signature nose to candy bar turbine forkwheelie/karl turbines, only rider I see doing that move! This section has a couple of lines based around his signature move and flows straight into….

Mates Tucek! If you know Mate’s riding, you will know that his tricktionary is vast. The man can do a lot of stuff, and I know he has been sitting on a lot of footage so I was looking forward to this section a lot. And I am happy to say it does not disapppoint, the section opens with a crash from a move he pulls later in the section. This crash builds the tension for this section, mostly filmed at his winter training spot.
Highlights from Mates section:
-Xft hitch juggler to xft hitch turbine pivot right sided pumping halfpacker to opposite xft hitch out.
-Halfhiker pivot xft halfpacker unwind foot to xft pumping halfpacker other way pivot spinninng hitch out.
The banger of the section without a doubt, teakettle to xft halfpacker jump to halfpacker! This is a move we talked about at Battle in the Rockies and Mates got it done. Proud of you buddy, there is a lot that can go wrong on this move! Banging section, best of the video so far!

And believe it or not, we are only about halfway through Landscapes 3!
Like I already said, there is a whole lot of work that Stewart Munro put into this, it seems like a thankless task and something I can relate to from putting Flatmattersonline together. Someone has got to do though Stewart right?, and for one I am grateful for sections like the next one from Stephen Hearn.

Stephen Hearn has already had one of my favourite sections ever for his part on Create, and he seemed to vanish for a few years. But I am stoked to see he is well and truly back and this section does not disappoint, this man was made for video parts!

From the opening xft hitch backwards backpacker opposite xft hitch out with the moving shot I was already sold. I was gripped to this section from the get go.
-Halfhiker around the world pivot to xft half hiker around the world, such a tough move and Stephen’s technique is so stylish.
And the banger, not only the trick but the speed he goes into this move! Hang five to halfpacker to backpacker turbine backwards backpacker pivot xft hitch to Karl to backwards Karl pivot forwards xft half hiker around the world! Rad to see to hear the joy from filmer and rider after this line that according to audio was filmed first try on one of their filming sessions. Golden moments right here!

Hearn is back, banging section with a great tune from Damian Marley that fits his style really well. Hyped on this, great filming for this section that follows his riding really well. This will most likely never get old to watch this.

The video is really gathering pace now, and I am proper sucked in. My girlfriend is hollering for me to do house jobs. Its not happening whilst I review this video hahaha…

The next section falls to Japanese back wheel wizard, Kio Hayakawa. This kid is on a mission and taking names right now. Great to see Colony picked him up, he’s destroying the contests in japan, regularly posting on instagram with mind melters, and now a full section!
And the beat kicks in, classic Bob James “Nautilus” track that was sampled by the likes of Ghostface Killa and Jeru the Damaja and many more rap artists.

-Blender bike flip to ice cream bike flip to spinning lawn pivot ice cream to backwards spinning time machine and back pedals in that position on the opposite side and out, straight back wheel murderer. This kid is insane!
-Dump pivot switch foot ice cream jump to two footed backyard (insane switch right there), pivot switch foot turbine megaspins to scuffing lard yard to smith out.
Two footed mega spin jump to two footed backyard body varial jump back to pedals, and the sound of the stomp. So rad! Everything he does in this section is truthfully mind-blowing. A kid with a massive future!

The next section up is a surprise section as he is not listed… Ruben Castillo, and it certainly took me by surprise as I tried to think who it might be when Stewart told me there was a hidden section with mystery rider.
Ruben’s section opens with a skit from the Homeless Soul Bro archives, this opening part took me right back. So awesome to see this again along with some classic AFA 1988 Masters footage right into modern day Ruben at the OG riding spot in Austin, Texas.
Ruben’s style is timeless, free flowing around the bike, and mixing in more modern day moves like the fire hydrant to foot jam decade at the end of a line was nice to see on board his We Bicycles ride.
Really liked his switch foot mccircles turbine into the switch backwards spinning fork wheelie a’la Yammer to backwards switch foot Karl, and the effortless halflash foot jam smith out. So lightly footed on the bike, respect to Ruben. In the game forever and a solid part here. What I really liked was the smile on his face after all these years. You can’t ask for much more, he’s loving it…

From one style cat to another, the next section falls to Keelan Phillips, I haven’t seen much of Keelan recently, so I was stoked to see he got involved in this project.
From the opening sequence you can hear Keelan’s tyres grip to his indoor riding spot in Leicester. Keelan is years deep in having Nose Manuals on lock, and has some of the smoothest styles in the game I would say and this section is awesome.
Nose foot whip front scuff to Nose manual G-turns for whip front scuff out, the power and execution on this line is top notch.
Nose front scuff flowed into multiple whiplashes (so smooth) to fire hydrant whip front scuff nose ET g turn front scuff whiplash to fire hydrant whip front scuff to nose fire hydrant whip to front scuff out.
Half cab to 720 nose!

Solid section from Keelan, who has refined the nose manual to another level, beautiful to watch.

We are about 45 minutes into Landscapes 3, and if you are still reading this. You are what I call a flatland lifer!

The next section falls to Aaron Frost, excited to see what Aaron has been up to. Looks like Jim McKay shot the Ruben and Frost sections, filming is on another level of quality for sure. Love the frustration shown in Aaron’s section, realistic to what we call through trying to film for a part. The opening multiple inside half hiker turbines with half around the world mixed in, only rider I have seen do this one.
The banger from Frost’s section is one of the best of the video in my opinion. Inside half hiker turbine backwards half hiker to backwards hitch pivot xft halfpacker (for a second) pivot hitch!

The next sections falls to the incredible Nick Watts! How many videos already this year for Nick? I’ve already posted two edits this week, and a fresh part here edited himself. I really dug the old school intro and the classic “Thunder in your heart” soundtrack by John Farnham with samples throughout. Nick has so much packed into this two song section, it would be near on impossible to write this all up, some of my personal highlights were:

-Inside Karl 360 bar scoot to tomahawk, never seen anyone do this one.
-No footed tail whip to straight leg smith.
-Rolling lawn grabbing tyre xft undertaker to switch foot lard yard.

The trick list could go on and on, Nick really put some work in on this part and it’s the best part I have seen from him without a doubt. The music, the editing, the riding, on point. True freestyler and having fun the whole time. Incredibly motivating.

The next section falls to fellow Aussie and one of the best to ever do it, Simon O’Brien who delivers his third Landscape video part. And as always Simon blows minds the depth of his riding skills.
-Forward Karl jump through bike to backwards halfpacker turbines to forwards right sided Halfpacker whip to left sided halfpacker to backwards spinning halfpacker to circle k kickflip out.
-Quite possibly the trick of the video, been waiting to see this one for years! A modern day twist on a classic that Andrew Faris created, 360 spin ride in to backwards halfpacker to turbine out! One of the best lines I have seen in a long time, years of riding go into this clip.
-Other highlights: Half cab to pedal time machine jump to junkyard stall perverted out, a nice twist on another classic that Edgar Plascenia helped bring us. I got that feeling like Simon is ticking off classic tricks from the past and in addition he’s adding something new to them.

Another reminder to me, that Simon can do it all, I think back through his parts over the years, and he is for sure one of the modern greats. Right up there!

The last section falls to Shinichi Kiba, and opens with a shit ton of backwards facing whiplashes. One of those tricks we don’t see often, so we all appreciate it and respect it when we see it.
One of the many things I liked about Landscapes 3 was the original music, going back to the originals. Shinichis track “Inner City Blues” by Marvin Gaye, which reminds me of the Geto Boys. There’s a level of digging for tunes, Stewart has been digging deep and I love that.
-Shinichi linking backwards whiplashes out of long lines, including from right side halfpacker turbine and crackpacker turbine. Nice touch.
Some of the clips are double fronts and some brakeless watch closely…
-Spinning nose full bar scoot to steam.
-Switch foot opposite whiplash body varial backwards whiplash a’la Abe Hamilton.
The sheer variety of tricks and styles in Shinichi’s section is just amazing, and it felt like he is almost in a dream state of bike control at certain points.

To summarise, I would imagine Landscapes 3 creator, Stewart Munro is so close to this project it’s hard for him to enjoy. But the rest of the flatland community can and are lucky to have people like Stewart in our sport, producing projects like this. Incredible piece of work, that really helps puts riders names out there that we don’t see so often. There are a lot of strong parts on LS3. Well worth the $19.99 download price, get on this one already.

Thanks Stewart for this!

You can download the video right here:


8 thoughts on “Review: Landscapes 3

  1. I enjoyed the video but I can honestly say the last section was a bit exhausting to watch. Nick watts and Ruben FTW. They seems to have the most fun.

    Favorite section is Erin fricke. Serious control so underrated.

    • Loved nicks section as I wrote, his part is so well put together and the sheer number of tricks is mind blowing! Erin rules!!

  2. can’t wait to watch the video with friends and such, we will have a projection in a shop before the end of the year in Paris 😀

  3. Great review big E! I was stoked to see a nice balance of flatland lifers, as you called them, combined with more recent to the mix shredders. Really helps to show that flatland is so much more than the quick web edits and contest footage we all see so often–not that there is anything wrong with that per say but, I think that this wide array of riders and styles better reflects the actual world of riding flat in a more representative way. It also just comes across as more fun than the gruelling pressure of competitive riding. Cheers to all the riders who contributed and to the man Stewey for putting in the work!

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