Liam Ward: The Hang 5 King

Liam Ward was one of the most progressive flatlanders during my childhood here in the UK scene, this past Sunday marked 25 years sadly passed away. Johann Chan kindly made this tribute edit and had some nice words to share.

“It’s been 25 years since my friend and Flatland shredder Liam Ward left us.
Liam was incredible on his bike, competing in BFA contests, and even making it onto the Invert team. He was a top bloke with a great sense of humour, great taste in alternative music, could dial a bike like no one else, and, could pelt a Hang 5 faster than anyone I’ve ever seen to this day.
There isn’t much of him online, so I’d like to commemorate this anniversary with a re-cut of some footage I shot of him around 92- when Birmingham Library was still standing, his 84 Master was still blinding me in the sun, the ponytails were flowing, and the mosh pit was the only dancefloor we knew. Rest in Peace (or to a great Dorkin’ section & a bev).”

One thought on “Liam Ward: The Hang 5 King

  1. Thanks so much for posting. Liam would be stoked!
    I fact that both of you guys were rocking clean chrome bikes and doing clean hard runs, at a point when people were plastering their bikes in stickers and tap dancing across the floor did not go un-noticed.

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