Mickey Gaidos: Summer 2020

Mickey G – Summer 2020 Flatland BMX from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo.

Mickey Gaidos is a year back riding as of 16th July, after pretty much a 7 year hiatus, Terry Adams was a big part in getting Mickey back on board. Mickey wanted to document his riding progression during this time, with MG’s filming and editing skills this edit is really easy on the eye. Not to mention, Mickey’s riding. Good to see MG back in the groove!

5 thoughts on “Mickey Gaidos: Summer 2020

  1. Known this cat since March 27 1999 , and I can honestly say Mickey is one of the more skilled riders whose ALWAYS had the natural ability to learn stuff AND dial it …..in LESS than a WEEK, haha…..dude is a real master @ flatland whose also ALWAYS pushed ORIGINALITY in his riding as well ! Stoked to have him back in da game …….and after over 7 years off ……hes back on ATTACK with his flowing , tech savvy lines . Terry and Mickey having sessions on the regular together is the equivalent of if Mark Webb and Alex Coleborn were having sessions together ……..theyre pushing each other HAAARRD , and its evident in Mickeys lines ! Put it to ya like THIS……….when PEDAL switch hand steams , side packer -reach back -butter slip , jump out to steams , and turbine flap jacks were a brand new thing ……….Mickey had all of those DIALED , thrown all of them in links at will , and had moved on to the next thing ………WAY before the year had even ended , hahaha…….This edit ! His lines , editing , etc ,etc…….it ALL just RULES , TIMES 7 ……lil detail ……..in this edit , Mickey hammering those switch hand steam bar flips to crack packers …….hes death gripping , as in bar flipping not even touching his lever ! Mickey G don’t play , bruv !! I look forward to our next phone conversation about your new links , Mickey ! I always have a blast chatting witcha and Terry , haha……..hell, remember I even got my mom long distance cut off TWICE in 8 months talking to you guys so much, while the 3 of us watched LOITER , one of the most dope flatland bmx videos ever made ! Haha…….good times , summer 1999 !

    • Rodney thanks for the love!
      Yeah Summer ‘99 was crazy!
      That’s amazing you remember my old lines and can’t wait to get some new ones together for you haha
      Talk Soon!!

  2. Wondered what happened to Mickey, but hey, he’s improved, from the time l first saw him on Diversion.

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