Musselwhite and Keelan on X Factor tommorow night!

Ssels at Shepton show.

Following a turbulent few hours late thursday night with X factors researchers franitically ringing around trying to get flatlanders, no one was sure who was doing the x factor, Lee Musselwhite and Keelan Philips in the end snagged the gig. 
Performing in front of millions live tommorow night (Saturday 6th december), it is the semi final night for the x factor. About as high pressure as it gets, tune in tommorow night (not sure what time as slightly different semi final nights apparently so check your tv listings) and see what bangers get dropped!

9 thoughts on “Musselwhite and Keelan on X Factor tommorow night!

  1. To anyone who missed it, you didnt miss a damn thing, that was it,they rolled on, and stood there,(Lee did a bar spin riding along) I guess thats what they were told to do, well disappointed there was no coverage for flatland.
    Glad i didnt do it now.

  2. hi, thanks for watchin, by the way we didnt end up snagging it, we were actually asked first to do it but were thinking of turning it down,which is why they panicked and searched for other riders, but we did both do tricks on the show but they chose to skip passed them, ah well no flat coverage cuz of that, but a good laugh, keelan

  3. cheers for the feedback keelan, that sucks they didnt show the tricks in the show, when you sat there watching it on television, did look like you guys were just standing there. The joys of tv editing once again..

  4. ha ha theres a funny bit where she tells lee to f**k off, 2:19 lol. the tv showbiz is a hard game they have not got a clue, so well done anyways guys. we will have our moment.

  5. i say well done to those guys, for people like flatmatters and jim cooper hows about being more positive like mg and jay,even if they just got on the show and just sat next to their bikes theres no need to be negative,


  6. james, not being negative, just saying that after hearing that some flatland will be on a prime time television programme i was looking forward to it. so i felt a bit let down when there wasn’t any, as i’m sure other people were as well. Maybe i’m wrong and everyone thinks seeing people dancing with bikes above their heads is a good thing? haha.

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