New Flat B ‘Graf Whiteski’ Tee And Long Sleeve

Some of you might remember a year or two back when James White rattle canned his frame with a version of a well known football chant, adapted for flatland. The guys at FlatBastard remembered it too, and they’re putting it out on a new tshirt!

’That really made us smile and we kept coming back to it as an idea, so we asked James and he was into it. He’d sprayed over vinyls and then removed them and we wanted all the paint splodges and textures to be exactly the same as he had them, but didn’t factor in how difficult that would be when all we had to go off were some low res photos. Flattening it out and getting the details right was an absolute nightmare, and we went through no less than four graphic designers to finally get there! We’ve also got embroidered FlatB labels this time, so all in all this has been a real labour of love.’

Tees are 100% cotton and strictly limited edition so get in fast: £20 posted in the UK (or with winter approaching they’re also available in Long Sleeve, £23 posted UK). International shipping also available.

Every tee comes with a free ten inch Graf Whiteski bumper sticker.

Email for more info.

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