Nick Watts: Landscapes 3 Part

If you are a Nick Watts fan and you missed this one your in for a treat. As I said previously Stewart Munro has loaded up tons of his video projects to his Youtube channel, and slowly but surely I will getting round to the best ones…

Starting with this amazing section from the Landscapes 3 Flatland film, enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “Nick Watts: Landscapes 3 Part

  1. Must watch ! Watts really went ham for this section , totally freestyling through his lines with even with MORE unpredicatable transition , tricks , and a freaking rabid fury , haha. I’m really stoked on this. His best work yet . Not to mention THAT song…..makes this section even better Nick stays ruling……always..

  2. Must Watts , haha. love that , Campeon ! Just like there is progression in flatland ……then there is progriannis ( get it ? ) .Progression is learning new variations , techniques , taking steps in your riding………Progriannis is learning EVERYTHING in flatland . Every trick , link , variation , technique ….from EVERY time era if flatland’s history. ( exactly what you’re doing , Hermano !

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