Nick Watts – November 28th

Its like a weekly routine, every friday the first edit I come across pretty much without fail is the latest update from Nick Watts! Not a bad way to get the updates flowing again after the 11 years Flatmattersonline anniversary. Love the half lash move around the 00:59 mark this one.

3 thoughts on “Nick Watts – November 28th

  1. SLLLLAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMED , indeed @ 43 SECOND , things like THIS ….Nicks LIGHTNING quick , unexpected , freestyled boomerang , landing to cross , immediately stepping over to ……well…… appeared he was going into a cowboy squeak , but…NOPE ! This cat moves around / all over his bike SO quick , just randomly freestyling every MILLI-second ,during EVERY line , that he just steps over the frame , QUICKLY changes his mind , on the fly ,then starts hammering some fire pinks !! Its just the way this guy just ATTACKS his bike . As Im watching ANY edit of his ……its INTENSE…… a pin ball being shot into a VERY complicated maze that twists , turns , goes up ,down , sideways , just ANY / ALL directions ! Its really is a great thing , Nicks take on flatland bmx . TOTAL furious ,aggressive freestyled combos , TIMES 7. Stoked ya came back to the game……..with a positive vengeance , Mr. Watts ………Im just sitting back with breakfast , this morning , before work……STOKED……enjoying the Nick Watts FREESTYLE show !

  2. @ 1.00 MINUTE !! Crazy hybrid like, cross ankle death smoothie , to a G-string kinda whip , to a blind rear peg catch … smith !! HOOOOOLLLLD UP , though…….after the smith , he lands front wheel , I was like …..ummmmm , wheres his combo going from here ??! Dude pops up to a switch foot hang five !! Loving it , bruv ! Letting the frame whip around after the hang five to another cross ankle death ……I was guessing….hmmmmm…….maybe… another , smith ?! How wrong I was , hahaha……Nick , AGAIN , on the fly , pops into an over taker ! Gracias , Nick / Big-E for this post / share , STOKED !!

    • Hey Rodney. Thanks for the insightful analysis mate! Really appreciate this as it helps me gauge my riding’s progression. I don’t get a lot of feedback with I ride with me, myself and I so I’m really grateful for your feedback. Cheers Man

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