Nick Watts: Welcome To Colony BMX

Great news today, waking up to the news Nick Watts is on Colony BMX! This is so well deserved, I am personally a big fan of Nick’s style and his Welcome edit comes through with plenty of amazing smith decade transitions, and his entries to forward ropes, wow! Over to the Colony TM to add to the stoke….

“Ever since the early ‘90’s I’ve been in awe of the riding from Nick Watts.

His take on flatland has always been so amazing and unique. Fast forward 30 years later and that riding is even more unique.

I’m so stoked to announce that Nick has officially joined the Colony family. If anyone follows Nick on Instagram @nickwattsbmx you will know what I’m talking about. His style is so refreshing and a great mix of old and new riding.

I’m really looking forward to the years ahead with Nick on a Colony. I know Nick was so stoked receiving his first ever sponsorship package in all his riding years. Seeing him like a kid at BMXmas was golden. Cheers for the good times ahead Nick!… Clint Millar.”

12 thoughts on “Nick Watts: Welcome To Colony BMX

  1. I don’t know if l said, but Nick was this kid l first met at the city square, here in Melbourne, Australia, way back between 87 or 89. It was the place to ride if you were a Melbournian. He was just watching me ride with his Dad. He didn’t have a bike with him at the time. Things happened rapidly, just like his riding. Soon he’s learning tricks left and right. I clearly recall Dennis Cadddy saying he’ll get burned out, due to his young start to riding. I don’t think he was remembering, l started at 12 years of age, so pretty young to. Anyhow, Nick very quickly got good, real good, and it wasn’t long before we all realised how good he got. It was, as if he was on a mission. He went onto this Tv show, called The Early Bird Show, l think it was called. A few riders were on it & a contest, if l recall correctly. Nick might correct me here, haha He rode at Skate Ranch, with us older and other younger riders to. I remember his forward rope a roni to a lightening fast upside magaspin. The next few years we’re riding at the school, near his house & some great sessions had. In a way, us coming to ride at his spot, was not dissimilar to many who went to York, to ride with a rider. I think his name’s Kevin Jones haha. Nick was also on a tv commercial for something, which eludes me here. And l lined up some shows for him & l, at some festivals. 1 day there was a party out East & we went and had many beers haha. Nick slept in the passenger side of my car. It was a great period in Australian flat, in Melbourne. We were progressing and Nick and l competed in this event at Skate Ranch. I especially recall this, because he & another rider, all had no touch runs. Then he quit for that 15 year period & as you know, he’s been back.

    I just thought I’d share this story because both of us were part of riding here, along with others.

  2. Not sure if this comment will be seen twice Effraim, because it said to fill out the box, after l typed it, the first time. Anyway, l don’t know if l said. I met Nick between 87-89 at Melbourne’s city square. He was watching me ride with his Dad, but he had no bike, at the time with him. Soon he’s learning tricks left and right, very rapidly, like his riding. Melbourne rider, Dennis Cadddy said at the time, that he thought Nick would get burned out, due to his age. I don’t think Dennis realised I’d started at 12 years of age, so both early starters. Word spread about this new & good rider. He started riding at Skate Ranch, which we’d been riding since about 86 or 87ish. I loved his forward rope a roni to a lightening fast upside magaspin & the only 1 I’d seen in person, do that. Dorkin was out and we’re all fixated and watching Kevin do his hang5 to half packer on the big screen in Skate Ranch etc. I, and others were blown away by that & all his riding. He rode on this Tv show called The Early Bird Show, l think it was called. Nick might correct me here haha. Eventually l and others were riding at his spot, at the school on weekends. In a way, it wasn’t dissimilar to people going to York. I believe they rode with a man, called Kevin Jones haha. This was a great period in Australia and Melbourne flatland. We modified things such’s the top gyro cables, using car bonnet, pinch bolts, amongst other things. We were progressing and it was as if, Nick was on a mission. I lined up some shows for him and l, at some festivals, which was really fun. 1 day there was a party out East & Nick ended up sleeping in the passenger side of my car, after lots, or just a few brewskis, haha. There were a couple of contests at Skate Ranch. I especially remember 1, because Nick, l and another rider all had no touch runs. When l heard he’d stopped riding, the first thing l thought was, what a wasted talent. So, people change, people loose contact & we didn’t see each other for years. I heard he’d resurfaced, like Jason Bourne, haha. I got his girlfriend’s home number and called him. We talked but he wasn’t too into riding. That was fine.That was around 02 roughly. I lost touch but l kept riding. Then l heard he’d got back into it, just a few years ago. Now, as lots already know, he’s back, which l was & still happy that he is.

    I just thought share this, because he & l and others were part of the Melbourne flatland scene.

  3. Totally deserves and has earned this ! Adam Guild and I were SUPER stoked upon seeing the news on this . I swear , man……..Watts has put out so many edits ( WITH new twists , tricks in EVERY one of them ! ) Bobby Burge and I also had a conversation about that , too . I just can’t even fathom or see just HOW Nick can move , contort , and scatter all around his bike the way he does … gracefully , just toying with his bike like a yo-yo , haha…..such a rad thing to see , EVERY edit , EVERY combo , during EVERY movement while he rides . The type of rider that if you had 100 riders doing combos @ the exact same time , behind a curtain , only being able to see their shadows as they’re riding…….you could INSTANTLY pick out who was Nick within 2.5 seconds into all their first links , haha. Jumping to hang fives from rockets , BAR SPIN gerators , lighting fast switch-bs to ice cream spins , flails to cyclone stops , popped to forward ropes , boomerang over to cowboy squeaks , smiths to left cross -Ks repeated , so MANY various techniques how he gets into , out of and transfers in between tricks ……..and again, all @ a hybrid , light speed flurry of CONSTANT movement …….go back to his 90s videos …..he’s ALWAYS had this SLLLAAAMMED , WILD -STYLE , FURIOUS way of linking , into some tricks for a split MILLI -MICRO second , without the viewer ( me , haha ! ) NEVER knowing just WHERE or HOW he will manipulate the bike AS he’s manipulating the bike , haha ! Great edit , sponsorship , energy on his bike at ALL times , and most of all………….great LEGACY since he first picked up a BMX bike ! Keeping up with his edits , how much he’s always progressing and perplexing his combos…….well…….to me it’s like COUNTING a humming bird’s wing flaps , haha……it’s a GOOD thing though …just shows how hard and dedicated his riding is to him. He NEVER stops ……….RESPECT !!

  4. It’s also encouraging to see that one can receive sponsorship and not have to emulate a current flatland trend. Congrats Nic,

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