Nina Suzuki wins Women’s Class: Fise World / UCI World Cup

Congratulations to Nina Suzuki taking a big win on home turf in Japan at the first stop of the Fise World / UCI World Cup on Enoshima. Followed on the podium by Ayuna Miyashima and Yui Kiyomune.

If anyone has any footage from the event please get in touch.

One thought on “Nina Suzuki wins Women’s Class: Fise World / UCI World Cup

  1. Respect to all women , all classes of all these U.C.I. events. Rad lines on their bikes , great style . I can’t remember her name ….she went to the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam in New Orleans with Hiroki Uchiyama and another rider from Japan. I met the 3 of them and it’s the first time I saw the 3 of them ride. This lady was RAD on her bike . I was judging expert class with Dub , Todd Carter . She did a hitchhiker juggler line with ZERO speed , fully controlled , smooth….she ended the line with a stylish squeaker -X-up slider /revert . It was her last line in her run . She placed high and the three of us (judges. ) we , and the whole venue went ape ( cheering ,standing up . ) after her run . She is a good representation of the level of today’s 2024 women BMX Flatlanders. Can’t remember her name , though . She was also very humble and Hiroki and the other dude and her , we all chatted Flatland in my hotel room after the finals. It was cool . The two dudes ( Hiroki Uchiyama and the other dude, can’t remember his name either. ) The four of us had a rad chat , Japanese to english translation about Flatland , the contest , and their travel….. being hers , Hiroki’s and the other dudes first time to the U.S……..anyway, sorry about the long rant , haha…..again , mad RESPECT to all women riders……

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