12 thoughts on “Fumiya Kanna kills it!

  1. Shinez??? somethin you can see him in KOG edits etc. he’s a n up an comer. He used to seem like a matthias clone to some

  2. I wouldn’t say he is a Matthias clone, he looks like hes beginning to go in his own direction regarding the flow and style of his riding, I hope he keeps it up, he’s definitely busting! Lot of style!
    No definite I.D on who this rider is??

  3. Very fluid style. Super impressive riding. Has a bit of Moto/Matthias hybrid vibe going there but definitely taking some lines in all new directions. Looks like he’s going to be one to watch for in the future.

  4. definitely 100% sure that the flowing rider is Fumiya Kanna.. this guy has so much style and flow with difficult stuffs also..

  5. These are two riders i ride with in Okinawa, The rider with the backwards cap is Fumiya Kanna, and the one without the cap is Ayumu Higa, Both are the nicest dudes you will ever meet and help me every night with my constant questions.

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