Old School Sundays – Hardcore Radness 2

For this weeks OSS we go back to a great video from the Hickman brothers, “Hardcore radness 2”, thanks to Kurt Schmidt for uploading a segment of this featuring some great footage from the Make A Wish contest in Virginia with the likes of Pete Brandt in his O-zone days, Ross Smith, Josh Marsele, Tyson Godfrey, Danny Meng, and many more. I feel like this contest and period of time bridged the gap between old/mid school.

2 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – Hardcore Radness 2

  1. I would concur that this time frame seems to be a link between old and mid school. It’s the Martin Aparijo style sit and spin type exits, side squeaks, scuffing, and rolling that mark this epoch. It was a very interesting time period, which older riders can attest and, arguably, led to many old school riders calling an end to their riding days.

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