10 thoughts on “Old School Sundays part 1

  1. Rick truly was BAD 2 THE BONE! I can’t imagine how it felt seeing elephant glides and gliding locomotives for the 1st time! Pa on the map 4 real BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One of the guys in the crowd after Jones run is me…we freaked out on his run! lol. Yeah, that was a good day. Kevin Jones had the best run of the weekend, including the pros. Everyone knew the game was changing. You could see the old pros shakin’ in their shoes after Kevin did his run. Rick had a solid run, but even he knew he got beat.

    And R-Dog!! That’s our ATX hero.

  3. And Jason Parkes will always be one of my favorite riders. Rode fast and had some good little combos. And he skated! Craig Grasso got kicked off General shortly after this…he goofed off in his flat run, and the heads at General didn’t appreciate him not taking a contest seriously. Ha!

  4. That Locomotive Glide was insane! It is a shame that Kevin got second place. Who were the judges? Probably mindless A.F.A. drones. They didn’t know what they were seeing. Truly EPIC!!! Kevin Jones was, is, and always will be, the greatest flatlander in history. Period!

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